You Forgot To Put “Ratchet” On Your Resume

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 10.15.13 PMi’m tired as hell tonight,
but i couldn’t go to bed without a cautionary “tail”.
gather round…

once upon a time,
in an office in a magical concret forest far away from others,
close to some,
a cute and nosy fox sat ear hustling on his two unsuspecting co workers.
thing 2 and a older hr snow vixens were having a talk about a young candidate.
apparently someone who wanted a gig in one of the departments.
everything was great,
definitely was about to get the job,
until HR did a mean ol “background check“.
dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnn!
Scaredbe afraid.
be very afraid.
yes “the mean ol background check”.
where they call your references and sweep online to see if you are appropriate for the job.
more feared than “the mean ol the drug test”.
well come to find out,
or what i picked up,
their ratchetness caught up with them.
hr entered their name in google and their social media accounts were found.
not only that,
naked pictures were also found in the search via tumblr.
not only that,
they had a pending record with the law and a couple other violations at other jobs.
“they didn’t represent themselves in a light fit to suit this company”.
like myself,
this person was looking for work for a long time as well.
needless to say you know that person isn’t getting the job.

tumblr_libyjym9zM1qe8a0fo1_500another incident that was mentioned was someone in a video on wshh.
i really wanted to ask how the hell hr finds this shit out???
since i was being nosy,
i kept my questions to myself.

in a world where “ratchet” is the new “IN” thing,
it can actually keep you out of opportunities.
you can miss out on amazing opportunities when your ratchetness catches up with you.
the moral of the story foxhole:
you could fuck some good money up with the antics.
well ratchet only works when you are trying to be on a reality show.
you better hope you are the star tho.
once those 15 minutes are done and your whole ratchet life is “google-able”,
you could as well become a professional street walker because no one will hire you.
ya know like all the reality “stars” all end up doing.
*cough cough*
yeah so the end.
night night.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “You Forgot To Put “Ratchet” On Your Resume”

  1. That’s why I’m always cautious with my social media accounts and what I do on-line. To me, it fun to watch ratchetness, but never partake in it.

  2. Well young Black teenagers are gonna be hit when they try to go legit because too many of them aspire to be on World Star.And with so many adults as of late behaving like teenagers with the naked selfies and shit, it’s gonna get worse because everyone’s motto now is do what you want without letting children know there are consequences.

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