Chop Me Down In The Back.

i meant the bushes in the back of my crib.
whachu think i was talmbout?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Chop Me Down In The Back.”

  1. Oh my gosh! just today I look out the window and see this sexy young Black dude cutting the grass.The house is vacant so I think he was hired by the owners to cut it.Anyways, I was basically watching him the entire and enjoying the show.He looked like the singer Mario.I could tell he had body underneath his shirt too.Them legs was tight, and I could see some hard muscular curves when his shirt would blow in the wind.He had some pouty juicy lips too.I wanted to go outside with my nips perked and ass out to give a um… bottle of water. He was sweating.I wanted him to take off his shirt.

    Damn I wanted to rush that.

    I also saw what looked like a tall Jew jogging through the neighborhood.He had a nice body.I couldn’t really tell what he looked like facially but from far away he looked like a stereotypical Jewish man.All he was missing was the curly hanging sideburns.

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