f0xmail: Could I Get Over My X By Getting Under Some Dack?


Im a newbie here,
but first let me say you give some GREAT FREAKING ADVICE!!!!!


so question how do you get over someone?

like im really really struggling to get over my ex cap (im a pisces) its PISSING me off ┬áthat everyone keeps saying: the best way to get over someone is to get under somebody else… ugh been there tried that but im not over him but apparently hes over me… ugh! do you have any advice for me?????


well welcome newbie.
good to have you aboard!
so you want to get over your x and as usual,
people are telling you go get your brains fucked out to hopefully get over him.
large…well that is the dumbest advice anyone could ever give you.
drop those people immediately.
they are complete buffoons.

honestly there is no best way to get over your x.
if there was,
i’d bottle it up and sell it for millions.
having random sex will give you a temporary endorphin rush,
but after you have cleaned yourself off,
the feelings and emotions still remain.
if you hop into another relationship right after,
it will only lead to a rebound.
no sense in fuckin’ up someone else’s life because you can’t get it together.

you have to take some time and find yourself.
bring yourself back to square one.
take some mental inventory of who you are NOW.
what did you learn with this person?
did you become stronger or weaker?
what do you think YOU could have done better?
was the break up YOUR fault?
did you whine?
be a stalker?
drive his ass so crazy that he had to drop you?

getting over an x takes time especially if you loved him.
sure some new sex with a new stranger is great,
but you can’t “fuck the pain away”.
they would be some real high self esteemed thots if that was the case.
you have to slow down and get yourself together.
go join a gym,
learn something new,
give back to charity,
or make some money.
anything to start the process of making you a better person.
giving you those “becoming a better me” endorphins the right away.
what was that saying:

“the best revenge is to let them see you doing better”

…or something like that.
don’t get worn out in these streets on that thot life.
hope this helped.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “f0xmail: Could I Get Over My X By Getting Under Some Dack?”

  1. I wouldn’t know what advice to give.All I can say is, time does heal…

    J is right tho.Fucking someone won’t fix it.That’s like people who get high to escape their problems.Once they come back down, the problems are still there.

  2. No. I’ve noticed that a lot of you are believing that temporary love is the answer. It is not man. As a matter of fact, it is not temporary love, it is temporary sex which is with no strings attached. You all are making big mistakes. If your emotions are involved with an ex, sex is not going to fill that void. You will not realize it right away, but after a certain period time, what your heart is truly yearning for will surface, which will lead you into trying to cuff guys who are just hookups.That sounds familiar. The only way to get over your ex is to pursue another love interest to make you forget about your ex to occupy your time. You can also take some time to get to know yourself too. This temporary sex is how people become damaged guys. Trying to fill an emotional void with sex, you can’t. As soon as you all realize this, the better you will be. I don’t talk this shit for nothing. Y’all better take heed man.

  3. good advice jamari! as a fellow pieces, I understand the angst about getting over somebody. I had a really good relationship that ended (due to my immaturity at the time) and couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I was upset too that he had moved on not with someone else but with his life without me. after some time passed, I called up him for coffee and I explained that I really missed him. I didn’t do the whole fuck some fox because my fox left, I did a lot of soul searching and began to realize what in fact I’d done wrong. when I had the chance to meet with him, I asked him to tell me really what led up to the break up. I let him talk. I didn’t interrupt. When something didn’t make sense I didn’t get defensive I asked for more details and listened some more. It was the best thing I’d done post a relationship. I learned how I acted and the things that I did. I went home and wrote it all down. I began to examine if these traits showed up elsewhere and surprisingly he was right. I began to work through those things one by one. after some time passed everyone that knew us as a couple began to urge us to reconcile we did but it was too late. I had moved on too but in a different direction. so the moral of this story is, do what J said and try to have a conversation and listen. don’t get offended and defensive take it like a man. reevaluate. adjust whats necessary to your growth and you will find that you will be even more attractive to someone else. you may even find that relationship was just training ground for you. even if you fucked it up, you can always do better when you know better. peace

  4. I would just like to add that all relationships have an expiration date. Sometimes it lasts until your significant other passes away (till death do you part). Sometimes it’s a few years or could be a few months. Some relationships are just meant to last for a season to teach you something. Take the advice that “thinker” gave to heart, because it’s so true. People come in and out of our lives at times just to teach us a lesson that we will use in the future. Try to learn something from every experience/relationship. There is a chance that you will never get over your ex. Just like the death of a loved one, you never really get over it, you just move on with life and the pain lessens. But screwing someone else will NOT help. As has been said already, work on you. Love yourself. Don’t look for someone else to help you get over your ex or make you happy. YOU need to make YOU happy first.

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