Rob Kardashian Is A Brick House

335221-svetik^rob kardashian is a brick house.
oh wait!
wrong picture.
that is a picture from my vision board of cribs i’d like to live in.
naw this is the latest picture of rob kardashian,
headed to italy for that wedding “thing”…

what has happened to you beloved!
*iyanla voice*
rob is the brick house,
the garage,
back yard,
and the fuckin sidewalk.
wait wait wait…
wasn’t he working out with jayceon taylor for damn near 2 years?

 why did he end up with muscles?
was rob eating in the gym?
i’m baffled.
i remember when this was the only thing fat on rob:

now it seems to have mutated all throughout his body.
i feel its that woman that has her son depressed.
all the ones with vaginas are fine.
i #prayforrob to get back to this size again:


it’s gonna be a lot of work,
maybe with the help of a stomach staple or gastric bypass,
but i think he can do it.
oh he tweeted in response to the reaction of his weight:

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 12.15.19 AMScreen Shot 2014-05-21 at 12.15.31 AM well he tole ya’ll.
i know that woman was pissed the attention was taken off kim.

lowkey: lord i wonder what size his tux will be?
whoops sorry.
inside voice.
well steven beck (and half of instagram) is a personal trainer.
maybe we should forward his info to rob?

fat picture courtesy: tmz / tweet: twitter

14 thoughts on “Rob Kardashian Is A Brick House

  1. Missing Lebron. You can’t tell me Lebron wasn’t pounding that out while they were living together

  2. Rob tried to have a sense of humor about it, but I know he is hurting. I do miss the old him, and not just physically but emotionally. He was always fun and jovial in the past, and since the weight gain he has went downhill. A person who had a nice fit body and loses it to weight gain, suffers more than a person who has had weight issues all their life, so I know he is in extreme pain. He used to be bad af yo. That gif above tells all. That ass.

  3. Notice how he says the only therapy he needs is in the gym. He probably needs to see an actual therapist, because he looks like he is having some serious depression issues. Seeking help is nothing to be ashamed of. If I lived with his mother and his sisters I’d probably need to talk to someone too.

  4. I feel as though he let go and after he done the fit challenge. He knows he has that option and everybody lets go sometime in there life but I still miss that Phyne Rob. Maybe it was that relationship with that 3LW girl ( Adrienne Bailon ). Hey if he was on grindr I would take him but I’ll encourage him to go to the gym. But you know, I always have this fishy assumption he could be one of the girls.

    1. Its not Adrienne Bailon that was over years ago it was Rita Ora in shocked he not over her.

  5. Goddamn!

    I thought him being fat was a just a publicity stunt like it was for Kevin Federline.

    He’s either really fucking lazy(to be a fat millionaire) or he’s going through something internally.I think you and everyone else are correct.He must be depressed.I just don’t get how a rich person can be depressed tho.They don’t have to worry about paying bills nor if they’ll be able to eat dinner tonight.If you’re rich and depressed, go buy yourself some ice cream or something because that shit makes no sense.

    1. ^hell he is a Kardashian.
      and a male one.
      that is depressing enough.
      you know that woman doesn’t waste her energy towards the men.

      1. Well now she has something to work with because he’s getting publicity for being fat.She can put him on Celebrity Fit Club or The Biggest Loser: Celebrity Edition.

        I feel bad for laughing every time I see his pictures but I can’t help but laugh when someone goes from one extreme to another.Damn he blew up.And not the way momma of the Klan wanted him to.

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