Ain’t Nothing Going On But The Rent

6ca7d2155008bce068a0f1a7b558e349when you want a wolf,
like i said,
everyone looks attractive to you.
sadly its only that “i’m lonely” attractive that can be turned off.
usually after you fuck the person or find out info about them.
this case the latter.
many of you have been right about messing with people you work with.
i also have to thank thing 2 today as well…

since my boss is on vacation the week,
thing 2 is second in command in her place.
she has been there for like five years now so she has earned it.
i wanted to confirm with her today if we get paid for holidays.
i don’t want to get too excited,
while spending money,
that i would be in for a surprise next pay period.

tumblr_mzpxhlZ2WR1s39hlao1_500she let me know that as long as she’s been working there,
after her probationary period ended,
she has gotten paid for any time the office was closed.
everyone else who sat before me as well.

“…too bad the mailroom workers don’t.”

“oh what do you mean?”

“well they are considered lower level employees.
they don’t get the same benefits admin does.
we are both administrative so our benefits are different.
they only get paid right under minimum wage down there as well.”


i wanted to say more,
but i swallowed all the word vomit i had.
suddenly none of them looked remotely attractive to me.
even with the muscles and good looks,
it doesn’t excuse the fact they are NOT on my level.
that would explain why they are all kinda hood and ratchet.
i found out all of them smoke weed too.
this is a “job” to them.
something to help pay their bills and child support.
many of them have like 2 or 3 kids,
yet like to floss like they “got it like that”.
i even found out security wolf is also making less than me.
security guards usually make a whopping 13 dollars an hour.
explains why he still lives at home with his parents and brother.

carpets-hoti’m glad this info was exposed to me tho.
“water meets its own level”.
hell with anyone.
just because he is fine,
or aggressive,
doesn’t mean he won’t be using you for your gwop.
people have a way of knowing you are desperate and will take advantage.
look at britney spears.
she messed with keven federline,
her backup dancer,
and look what that brought her.
18 year free ride + 2 kids + on her dime = eating good:


tumblr_lo0s9ad1YN1qfx555o1_500need i say more.
i need to give my time to those above me or on my own level.
i’ll try to remember alla dis next time i get hard.
i will look ‘n’ lust tho.
stoppin’ that would be crazy talk!

lowkey: shit i’m starting to wonder how much personal trainers make?
you know i love them.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “Ain’t Nothing Going On But The Rent”

  1. Personal trainers can’t make much when there are so many of them. Plus, not everyone can afford a personal trainer, and if you’re not a lazy ass, you don’t need one. Most people who get one only do it because the man is attractive and they need eye candy like a fat person needs a jelly doughnut hanging on the end of a stick. I feel bad for female personal trainers. I bet they hardly get no work.

    You shouldn’t write off the mailroom wolves, you never know someone’s true intentions. You wouldn’t go with a broke dude because you think he’s after your money? That makes you sound paranoid but I guess you do have to be that way in this day and age. Sometimes, you can see someone’s true intentions from a mile away depending on how much common sense you have. But…

    You’re telling me if that wolf you were crushing on said “Let’s go fuck” that you’d be like “Nah, you get paid like 5 bucks an hour.”

    1. ^on the real,
      id fuck him but I wouldn’t be with him.
      when it comes to sex,
      anyone could get it.
      it’s just sex.
      your bank statement isn’t the condom.
      the tricky part about sex is if you keep fucking the same person,
      especially in this life,
      someone is bound to catch feelings.
      maybe both.
      next thing you know you’re in some weird relationship and can’t figure out how to act without sex.

      this entry was more relationship/long term driven.

      1. PTs make shit. Its a lame hustle. Only a few bring in real money. The rest are paycheck to paycheck. I must say that the phrase “on my level” irks me in so many ways. Its just concentrated conceitedness. Heard this chick in popeyes say that “On my level” shit….like wtf level you on?

        Make ur money J. Hit up Mr. Green. Make him ur Mr. Big

    2. Um I have a trainer and I’m not lazy and my trainer is not my type. However he does give me that extra push I need and provides support and fitness knowledge that I take advantage of.

      He travels the world for triathlons and I’ve been to his place and he isn’t struggling at all. He doesn’t stunt on instagram with his shirt off and gym selfies all the time like these other dudes though. He does online training and teaches spin classes at different upscale apartment complexes in the city. Plus, he doesn’t even charge me much. I look at these trainers trying to charge $300 a month and $50 a session and die laughing. Lol

  2. You are being a little too hard on people that make money less than you imo. Some must realize that this has been a pretty shitty economy for some and a job like yours with benefit do not grow on trees. Many people and myself are stuck working by the hour with meager pay (it’s not terrible but you can’t live on it) and have degrees that they are struggling to try to apply. That’s the same thing for millions of others.

    I probably missed the point of the post but some things still struck a cord.

  3. Really J, really? Now all the sudden people r “not on your level”? I’m gonna go to beck and act like I didn’t even read this entry… Good night.

  4. Jamari, I read your blog often (which I love) but don’t really comment. Let me stop you right there because you just came off extra superficial, which shocked me enough to add my two cents. Not too long ago you were in tears and hustling to get a job. Any job to pay your bills. Now you’re looking down on these guys because they make less than you, and I’m pretty sure your salary range is not that far above theirs as an admin. These persons who work in the mail room may not intend to stay there and may probably seek to advance when the opportunity arises within or outside the company. Everyone one seeks love and companionship and you don’t know there full circumstance. Think of it this way: what if some fine baller wolf came along while you were unemployed only to judge you at that time because you had no job, you would feel some kinda way because you were judged superficially. Don’t be that person. Look at a character and potential.

    As someone who has run the gambit of dating doctors and engineers to customer service reps and part time cashiers I have found that the character of man counts for way more than thier salary or hour rate.
    All said with love.

    Prof M.

  5. Yeah less we forget just a couple of months you were getting by on instant noodles and sink water *no shade*

    but remember a persons character can’t be judged by their pay check…

  6. I don’t think Jamari meant it like that ya’ll. Sure they make less than him, but he also mentions that many of them are unmarried with multiple children, smoke weed, and are ratchet as hell. Point being, it seems that they have no ambitions in life. Now I agree that you should not judge someone because they don’t have a good job like you. But in this case, I think Jamari was just saying that all the mailroom wolves are just “going along to get along.” They don’t have much and are not trying to get anywhere. That would definitely be the type to avoid.

    1. ^thank you sam.
      you get what I was saying.
      the whole entry was why I wouldn’t date THEM.
      security wolf I’m trying to get over lol
      so anything to help that process im using.
      either way entry about “levels” coming soon!

      1. The fact that they were lower level employees made them immediately unattractive to you, which is ridiculous and screams of a superiority complex, you made that very clear in the post. I think your blog is great for the most part, but you had a bourgeois moment and you should own up to it.

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