It’s Levels To These People ‘N’ Shit

tumblr_moxdo8NFhe1s6bcvoo1_500“there’s levels to this shit”,
when meek mill rapped that last year,
he wasn’t lying.
he was talking about his career moves,
ibelieve every human walking this earth has a level.
i like to think of “levels” as “compatibility”.
“are we compatible to date?”
there is mental,
and financial levels to everyone.
without levels,
we wouldn’t know or experience who people are.
that jackal at school.
that wolf around the corner.
that vixen you see at the bus.
are you compatible with these people?
or are they more life lessons to come into your life?
yesterday i said some wolves were not on my level.
they’re not.
i’ll tell why…

last year when i was jobless and struggling,
which was pointed out yesterday,
i was not on the financial level i wanted to be on.
it brought all my levels down to a negative.
so what i did?
i stopped “looking” and put my efforts into finding a job.
i wanted to be back on that level where i was able to keep a roof over my head.
it was tough,
but i got through it.
so i got this job and was attracted to a wolf or four.
whose counting?
after getting to know them,
being i’ve been there three months now,
i realized we were not on the same financial level.
like you got a tribe of kids,
buying jordans,
beats by dre,
and still trying to hold your home together.
what the fuck can you even do for me?
the big o.
“o” no.

grandpa-simpson-arrives-and-leaves_49if they liked men,
and i had a hot vagina,
it would also be the same story.
as much as i liked the physical levels of some of them,
they were lacking in mentals and emotionals.
they were too careless.
so when i said,
it was a shock because they def do “nigga shit” outside of work.
not “i’m better than them because i make more money” shit.
it is what it is.
shrug-gifi started this blog liking wolves on a higher level.
i like baller wolves.
wolves in power.
never have denied that.
never apologized for it.
i also liked wolves who i saw in my every day life.
ones on the train.
ones in my neighborhood.
ones i see when i’m out and out.
shit i’ve seen some FINE wolves working at best buy i would consider dating.
i’ve even wrote about them from time to time.
this is who i am.
this is what i do.
do i apologize for it?
i will apologize if i offended anyone who took offense.
wasn’t my intention.
hell after everything ive done on this blog,
would i really sit up here and purposely offend people?
well ones who aren’t dumb asses?
yeah i’ll wait.





the entry was meant to say i won’t date anyone at work.
i know em,
got to know em,
cool with em,
but i wouldn’t fuck with em.

giphy copy 2not even interested.
it was me learning to just keep the messy people i work with at bay.
maybe i didn’t word the entry correctly?
maybe i should have said compatible instead of level?
maybe i shouldn’t have wrote anything at all?
things i thought today during work.
hope that explains some thangs more clearly.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “It’s Levels To These People ‘N’ Shit”

  1. All is forgiven. I’m not one to hold grudges.

    I think the problem was with the way you’ve written it. You discussed their pay and lack thereof, started discussing levels, then started discussing ambition and lack thereof. The latter discussion should have been between the first two. That’s what kinda bothered me about it.

      1. Well said J! Apologies accepted. And to jesus I would like to say, nobody threw shades at him, we just said it like we mean it, and the last time I checked that’s what true friends do. We’ve been riding with him since day one and that’s why I took it personally especially coming from somebody who, three months ago, was surviving on noodles and hopes.

  2. People are too sensitive these days. As a lurker for many years I didn’t take any offense to what u said. U have the right to what u feel. Hit dogs holla? The unnecessary shade your ‘readers’ threw at u in that was telling. My mouth hung open reading them turning on u boo. Shut this website down because backlash cumin. Jesus said so.

  3. Always date/associate with others who are at or above your intelligence or tax bracket.

    Never ever go below these levels.

    It will not end well.

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