There Is Levels To This Gay Sh*t

latestthe straights are funny.
they think that because you might enjoy a cock-scicle on occasion,
that you are automatically registered to attend every gay event.
its crazy how they think every gay is the same.
i guess sort of like how a majority of whites think blacks look alike?
there are levels to this shit.
work wolf thought that was the case with me.
i had to let him know which level i was on today…
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It’s Levels To These People ‘N’ Shit

tumblr_moxdo8NFhe1s6bcvoo1_500“there’s levels to this shit”,
when meek mill rapped that last year,
he wasn’t lying.
he was talking about his career moves,
ibelieve every human walking this earth has a level.
i like to think of “levels” as “compatibility”.
“are we compatible to date?”
there is mental,
and financial levels to everyone.
without levels,
we wouldn’t know or experience who people are.
that jackal at school.
that wolf around the corner.
that vixen you see at the bus.
are you compatible with these people?
or are they more life lessons to come into your life?
yesterday i said some wolves were not on my level.
they’re not.
i’ll tell why…
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There’s Lower Levels To This Shit

tumblr_mmj2tiZKIc1qij1mgo1_r1_500“what happened to protecting our own?”
ive been laying in bed all day.
off and on sick.
i’ve been thinking about this lifestyle as of late.
hell the world as of late.
there is definitely lower levels to it.
when did it all become so trifling?
when did we find joy in outing people for revenge?
when did it become such a witch hunt?
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