There’s Lower Levels To This Shit

tumblr_mmj2tiZKIc1qij1mgo1_r1_500“what happened to protecting our own?”
ive been laying in bed all day.
off and on sick.
i’ve been thinking about this lifestyle as of late.
hell the world as of late.
there is definitely lower levels to it.
when did it all become so trifling?
when did we find joy in outing people for revenge?
when did it become such a witch hunt?
tumblr_mehdufmdnR1r7wjdlo1_500it amazes me how people are quick to sell someone out,
just to leap frog over them,
but then get snatched back down by someone else?
the people with the worst secrets always want to bring attention to anothers.
i’m baffled but not surprised.
everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame.
everyone wants to be a big deal in a virtual world.
so you out someone,
you steal their ideas,
and you do every despicable thing to make it to the top.
this is lower levels.
it often makes me wonder who really has my back?
smiling in my face while slicing my throat.
tumblr_mr8s8sBGJ91sx2cido1_500people are so quick to say fuck you for another.
it doesn’t even take you doing something wrong.
god forbid someone lies on you out of revenge.
you can’t even end a friendship/relationship without potential embarrassment.
then can we also talk about how these lower levels makes you not want to trust anyone?
you got to give a muthafucka a full pat down before they come in ya crib.
this is the age of snapping lowkey pictures and video taping private moments.
you let you inhibitions take over and regret that shit for the rest of your life.
the world is a fuckin’ hot mess.

tumblr_m9h6d1zF5j1qj07mso1_500are you the next victim of the lower levels?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “There’s Lower Levels To This Shit”

  1. Gays have more drama than the average female im starting to think. Honestly these past few years, I have started to become less and less attracted to men both physically and emotionally. Just don’t do it for me like women do. I still get urges because I am bi but idk, It just seems like man is out for sex or leading you on until he gets bored.

    1. ^its like you can’t fuck a man without him fuckin’ you in the end.
      its ridiculous.
      then when these messy gays involve their messy females…
      its a whole bunch of judgment and struggle.
      this is why if i’m not by myself,
      i’m the discreet gay at the straight table.

  2. Its actually sad how bad gays have gotten in this new decade. They’re ready to get shine for selling out their own kind. Pathetic.

  3. J you dont know the half. I had to learn the hard way this past week. Someone I called a close friend, who I confiding in everyday, without warning did some foul shit. I was really shocked and it let me know that I need to take Beyonce song Me, Myself, and I, to heart. I am by no means a fan of Mrs. Knowles-Carter, but this song is a classic and has lyrics we all should live by in the gay world. I am over trying to have close relationships with gay men, because they are jealous, petty insecure wounded birds who dont want to heal. They are bitter and want everybody else to ride on that pity party train, and if you let them, they will bring you down to their level. I saw with my ex-friend, that I had become negative like him and didnt even realize what bad energy he was bringing to my life, until he let left. I am now glad he did that, its like a burden has been lifted. I am sad that I told my deepest darkest secrets to someone I thought I could trust, and that might come back to haunt me, but at this point, I dont even care. I would rather start from the bottom than put up with fake snakes around me. I wish it was a way, I could meet and hang out with all the cool dudes who post on this blog, real men who are secure with themselves. I still have a few close gay friends but to be honest, I am even looking at them with a side eye. Me, Myself, and I thats all I got in the end.

    1. ^i was about to go to bed,
      but I just saw this and felt the need to reply.
      i have been where you are.
      my advice:

      “no shine to the darkness”.
      if they happen to tell your secrets,
      don’t reply or throw any shade.
      you can’t truly shade someone who is already dark.
      at least you know you came from a genuine place.
      if they choose to expose you,
      then what can you do?
      people like that feed off of response.
      if you don’t acknowledge,
      they can’t feed.
      unless they come in your face,
      and you were in fear for your life that you had to yolk them up,
      start the process in purging them out your life.
      erase the number and social media connects.
      there is a message in that mess.
      I’m sure you have found it.
      apply it you all your new friendships going forward.
      have a good night!

  4. I think everyone needs to calm down a bit. Sure, dealing with people and relationships can be a huge pain in the ass, but that is a part of life. Take it from someone who had a beautiful man snatched away from me one fateful day three years ago by a drunk driver. Life can be complicated and challenging. Before I met the wonderful man that I built a life with for 12 years, I was involved with a dude who did and said all the right things about having a future together. But one day, on a Thursday, he sat me down and told me that he was getting married to a woman that Saturday AND he wanted us to continue our relationship together. Talk about having your heart ripped out out you while still beating. I was angry, pissed, and depressed after that moment. But life still went on, and I was not going to throw in the towel because an asshole treated me like shit.

    My advice is to keep searching for the type of people that will enrich your life. They are out there. It’s just that sometimes you are not seeing them because you are looking in all the wrong places, Sometimes these people don’t come in the packages that you prefer. It has been three years since I have been with another man. My friends and my parents keep telling me that I need to get back out there and start dating again. And deep down inside, I know they are right. But it isn’t easy. I come up with a million reasons why I shouldn’t. If my man were alive, he would tell me the same thing. Life isn’t easy. But it’s worth struggling to make it work out just right. I am going on my first date this weekend. I am nervous as hell. It will be 15 years since I shared the company of another man. And I’m sure everything will be okay. Unless he turns out to be a creep. I certainly hope not.

    1. Firstly I am sending you positive thoughts and I am sure he is not a creep 🙂
      Secondly every comment made here today is made every minute about Straight Men and Women of every race.Many people are messy, many people cheat, sell you out, betray your trust.To paint all Gay men, or Straight women with one brush is comparable to saying All or most Black people are violent, uneducated, lazy, etc. Don’t fall into that trap of thinking another group
      ice is colder or shit don’t stink.
      Just like RK found a beautiful man, so will you unless you give up.

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