Rapper Kafani Had Bite Marks On His Back; Girlfriend Weeps

kafani-9an f-bi just sent me this and i had to post this.
this is a rapper from the bay area named kafani.
kafani is kinda cute…
and allegedly likes to get smashed.
how i know?
well these alleged pictures got leaked by his “peanut” and it’s a doozy…

Photos of Bay Area rapper Kafani, known for tracks like “Fast as a Nascar,” were blasted on Twitter by his ex-girlfriend, who claims Kafani’s gay lover uploaded the photos. His ex, who goes by @beautifullcurium on Instagram, gave an explanation on her Instagram page.

Kafani claims that she was responsible for hacking his Twitter page, but she says she gave his alleged gay lover Kafani’s password to upload the photos to see if the man was bluffing or not. The woman says that she was never in possession of the photos, and suggests that she became suspicious about her man after seeing a bite mark on his back.

39705-Miley-Cyrus-whoa-gif-hZwda bite mark tho?
how she know it wasn’t a rash?
hives or some shit?
look is that really him????
those shots looks like a gay porn star.
if it is then there goes that career.
well that is if he has a great pr to make a good spin.
nothing can propel you higher than a gay rumor.
something ain’t clean in the milk tho.
this reeks of a trust no bitch.
i’m sure the truth will come out soon.
in more ways than one?

lowkey: i never heard of him:

not really interested.

story found: the coli

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Rapper Kafani Had Bite Marks On His Back; Girlfriend Weeps”

  1. If all these allegations are true, then these dudes are making it harder and harder for dudes.. Like damn, respect the game if you got played accept it, doctor your wounds, and move on. Why seek revenge?

  2. I keep telling people niggas are faking like crazy these days, especially the ones in the industry. You can look at those pics and see that he is not as mascuaine as he is in the videos. The way he is holding his face and his smile was telling. Stop fronting.

  3. I’m from the bay, and this topic is in heavy rotation. I honestly don’t feel like he gets down (shrug). Kafani’s problem is that he’s already kind of weird and has that baby voice, so I think these flicks just pushed things over the edge. The tragic part is, the whole damn bay has turned on him overnight. Sometimes my people disappoint me so much smh.

  4. The problem i have with this is lets say this is a misunderstanding. Lets say he was playing around and she snapped the pictures, she ruined his life seeking revenge. He is now the laughing stock because this story is spreading like wildfire. Jamari even posted it so that means the blogs are picking up on the story. The world we live in now is so dangerous.

  5. no extra dick in the photo, can’t say if a gay lover snap it. people just on the gay hunt any guy in any suspect pose is going to be labeled gay. Its the new Salem baby and the media is burning at the stake.

    1. Yes, they’re on a witch hunt.I wonder what they think of men who only get their dicks sucked by dudes.

      My friend told me that every picture this guy posts on his instagram is now followed with comments calling him a faggot.

      1. Yea they are going in. He is a fake man. These guys are rapping about females and shit and they are tucking their balls and shit. The faking is what I can’t stand, forget the pics.

  6. Why has it gotten so bad that everyone who claims that they are straight and these females go and post their nude photos online for the world to see then there are issues.

  7. You know whats sad, he had a drive by shooting happen towards him and now he’s paralyzed from either the waist down or the neck down. Shame.

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