It Tried To Keep It In, But It Came Out Way Too Fast

tumblr_m4aezkfi1G1rpgz2ui just threw up in front of everyone and everything.
blew chunks of last night all over the place.
i had a feeling i was going to be sick tho.
you ever been sleep but you felt like you wanted to throw up?
my stomach was hurting BAD and i tossed and turned.
so i had an appointment at the unemployment office this morning….

i got up and dressed early.
black blazer,
black sweater,
black levis,
and loafers no socks.
i made my way into the train.
USED MY MTA CARD… might i add.
i get in there andΒ  this sexy hood wolf was across from me.
he was wearing a grey sweat suit.
no print but his body filled it out.
he looked like he’d be a nice piece.
on the next platform,
this fine ass muscular wolf made his appearance.
he was the type i’m sure i would’ve featured on “meat”.
he was tall,
and his body was so fuckin’ crazy.
he was wearing this tight white shirt,
( x something like this ),
and it
showed all the definition on his pecs and abs.
he made me see stars.
i never wanted to fuck a mofo wear he stood like i wanted to do him.
he also had on fitted dress pants so i’m guessing he works in an office?
i was in lust and wanted to take recon of both,
but then “it” hit me.
#teamchunks gave me a warning.
either it was going in front of the two wolves or run out the train.

tumblr_ltbxsst8KW1qhheuzo1_500well “it” hit the side walk outside.
people were looking like i was birthing an alien or some shit.
i was looking to make sure it didn’t land on my shoes.
i’m now home but i missed my appointment.
it says i can go anytime before friday.
i’ll be there tomorrow.
i thought i could keep it in but that it wasn’t going down like that.
i really loathe this unemployment “check in” shit.
can a fox get a job?
bad enough every position i sent my resume to emails me back:

“we looked over your resume and you fit the qualifications we were looking for,
but the position has been filled.”

ugh-ofuck you.

lowkey: posting maybe light today.
oh… and my shoes were not harmed during the filming of #teamchunks.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “It Tried To Keep It In, But It Came Out Way Too Fast”

  1. Awww oh no Jay… Damn that sucks, did you eat something yesterday before consume the drinks? Its important to eat a hearty meal, especially if they are heavy in carbs and protien.

  2. Feel bad for u especially with 2 fine wolves in view & it sounds like u were looking sexy af too.
    Don’t u hate it when they give u those bs responses like u are perfect for for the job so it’s our loss…insert name here

  3. YOu need some natural supplements, and a regular workout routine, because it seems from your posts, your either not feeling well or sick at least once a month. a lot of that can be due to stress, but also, your not getting any younger. take better care of yaself son son

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