we got some good news, but some potentially bad news, about young tyler

like @gayemagazine,
the foxhole has been following this story of tyler,
a young male who was tormented by his family for being gay.
( x see original entry here )
it seems they’ve removed him from the abusive home…

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my grandmother’s house is not a home (anymore)

so i’m gonna be very transparent with the foxhole.
i’ve been very open on my latest podcasts,
but i never wrote too much about my growing up.
it’s time to let you deeper inside me.
cum on…

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it’s 10:30pm, do you know where jamari fox is?

…just getting home,
that’s where.
i’ve been working some long ass hours these last 2 days.
ima have to turn into bed in a few because i’m tired af,
but i just wanted to font

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please go “home”

“everything you did brought you where you are now.
home.”bran stark to theon greyjoy,
game of thrones

that quote really stuck with me since last night’s episode.
i’ve been thinking about it all day.
for those who know theon’s arc on “game of thrones”,
you know what he got humbled in order to come “home”.
i remember reading a book called “the alchemist” a few years ago…

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your home should feel cozy

as you know,
i want my own home.
i’m gonna get a sign made on it called:

The Den

like dicks,
i don’t want it too big.
since it’s just gonna be “me“,
i don’t need a mansion.

sidebar: can i tell you how i loved franklin’s new crib in gta?

when i use to play that,
i’d imagine it was me living there.
i gotta play this game again. 

a townhouse or condo would actually be perfect for this little fox.
a foxholer sent me the following crib and i’m like…

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Pull Up Next To My Bumper Baby


“what you doing?”


“i’m gonna pick you up later…”

thank god for that text.
it was damn near 1000 degrees outside.
the thought of taking all those trains,
and transfers that came with it,
felt like hell.
i still had to walk a few blocks home so i was happy for the ride…
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