my grandmother’s house is not a home (anymore)

so i’m gonna be very transparent with the foxhole.
i’ve been very open on my latest podcasts,
but i never wrote too much about my growing up.
it’s time to let you deeper inside me.
cum on…

so i spoke to my uncle yesterday because i was feeling really depressed.
out of my grandmother’s 4 kids,
he was “the explorer” by leaving home early and finding his way.
by home,
i mean barbados.
he is the last surviving child out of all his siblings.
we were always close.
he trusted me out of everyone to tell me about his random kids that popped up.
he was “the explorer“,
but also the “raging womanizer” as well.

while we were talking,
he was telling me how he isn’t talking to my aunt’s kids at the moment.
those are my cousins that i grew up with.
his mother’s will doesn’t sit right with him.
he thinks it was changed while my grandmother wasn’t in her right mind.
before she died,
she made her deep decent into having alzheimer’s disease.
i was lucky that she remembered me when she FT two weeks before she passed.
so two of cousins were in the will for her home,
the one i grew up in.
cousin hybrid being one of them.
i only got the apartment on the side of the house.
i remember her telling me that the apartment would be mine before she died.
she said the money earned from the apartment would be sent to me every month.
it would have been good to get a little extra income.
well nothing has been sent to me.
every time i ask about what’s happening,
i get some excuse.
as of right now tho:

My grandmother’s house is abandoned

my grandmother built that house from the ground up.
she told me she slaved at jobs to buy the land to build her home.
growing up,
it was the best looking house on that street.
all the neighbors tried to copy her in some way.
i’m really upset that my cousins allowed it to go to ruin.
i had to say to myself yesterday:

I bet they wouldn’t let their parent’s home go to ruin

that hurt my heart to hear that yesterday,
adding to even more depression.
from what my uncle said,
it seems it was all about getting the money.
i was told one of my cousin’s allowed his fiance’s family to take all my grandmother’s belongings.
everything was a mess after my grandmother died.
there was a lot of other shit he told me that really made me look at my family sideways.

Why is it when someone dies,
the true nature of family members come out?

my grandmother’s house should have been an airbnb at least.
if she would have left it to me,
no way would i have allowed it to get that bad.
i wouldn’t have had to work because my income would come from there.
i’m not on the will and they’ve said fuck it.
this is a before picture of where i grew up in barbados while my grandmother was alive:

it’s sad it died when my grandmother did.

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “my grandmother’s house is not a home (anymore)”

  1. Nice house Jamari. reminds me of moving in Jamaica. similar architecture. I think it’s pure greed that make people’s bad side vome to the fore especially if the people involved aren’t secure financially. they are looking to get a piece of the Pie
    I have no sibs, 1 half sister. a niece
    My mother left a two family house for me my now e in Connecticut. I gave it to her. as I don’t plan yo return to Ct. All I want is for her to make appropriate. cafe decisions to protect the property. I invested my own money over the years so I could live comfortably until that day, so I’m ok with her having the house. I’m not fighting anyone over material wealth. Greed will.kill.u.

      im si disappointed with my family and how they handled my grandmother’s home.

      very big of you to give the home over v.
      shows your character as you could have caused mischief.

  2. this is a good topic and i’ve seen this happen with my very two eyes with my neighbor across the street. Before the father passed he owned multiple apt with debt still owed, so when he passed the properties were taken except his home he left to his 2 sons. As year passed the two fought for the property and would actually put on a show for the whole neighborhood to see and hear their arguments almost every morning even as the neighborhood gentrified. Those fools could not keep with the jones as the house fell apart and were neighborhood bullies. They did not pay utilities and 3 months ago they were faced with a eviction notice with their belonging on the front lawn. How embarrassing to put on a show and also devalue my parents property as well. They were lazy and did nothing and they couldn’t be civil I bet the father is rolling in that grave.

  3. It’s very important to write a good will and keep it updated.

    People come around like vultures when they know you’re on your way out so they can strip bones clean when you die unfortunately.

    I see why some older blacks just go ahead and sell their homes to banks before they die. Unfortunately, generations after them don’t really see the value in owning land and a home free and clear as a black persons.

    Whites do though and that’s why buy and develop land left by our elders for next to nothing when we don’t take care of it

  4. Sorry to hear that, Jamari. You or your uncle can’t contest the will? Especially since your grandmother had Alzheimer’s?

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