stop making me cum hard from my fantasies (that energy)

this is probably gonna be the most vulgar thing i’ve ever footed.
(yeah right)

I won’t be satisfied until I drain his balls

you ever been attracted to someone so intense,
you could literally feel them?
its not a crush.
a crush is infatuation with someone you don’t know.
this intense energy with someone you do know,
and you know something more is there…

there was a wolf that was in my life i had an intense connection with.
we never fucked,
but whenever we were around each other,
people could feel our attraction towards each other.
it was the type that we didn’t have to speak.
our eyes and body language said it for us.
he would find ways in my space and i’d find ways to touch him,
ya know,
to let him know i wanted him in my space.

for whatever reason,
i can’t stop thinking of him.
this is gonna sound crazy af,
but it almost feels like i pick up on when he is thinking of me too.
this morning,
at around 5am,
i woke up out my sleep after having the most intense dreams about him.

I busted two of the most intense nuts

it was,
i couldn’t stop jackin off to the thought of him.
it felt like he sent a sexual energy to me.
i been dreaming about him a lot lately too.
not sexually,
but he has been in my dreams for most of this week.
i had to ask myself…

Did this muthafucka put roots on me?

i don’t get it.
i read something about folks like this being your “twin flame“.
( x read more about your twin flame here )
it reminds me of the relationship between mr. big wolf and star fox.
they would separate for months or years,
no matter who mr. big wolf was with,
they were always drawn to each other.
you could believe their sex was on another level.
sometimes fuckin’ 2 or 3 times a night.

i wonder if that’s the deal with this wolf that’s on my mind?
if so,
he needs to cum kill my shit

…because he been killin’ my shit with his energy.

low-key: i’d like The Universe to help me with this.
bring him to me.

7 thoughts on “stop making me cum hard from my fantasies (that energy)

  1. I can relate to this so well. It happens when I go to the gym (when it was open lol)
    There’s this muscle dude let’s call him “Q”. The intense looks we be giving each other I can feel his dick all up inside my butterscotch walls. We would say “what’s up ” every now and than, he gets me so horny. Just seeing him workout and all sweaty makes me wish I was the bench so he can press his dick deep in me.
    I know he finds me attractive because I always see him looking at me in the mirror.
    I hope one day we can get pass the “what’s up ” stage and just exchange numbers and fuck.

  2. I got somebody like that! It’s crazy we hooked up when we’re supposed to be social distancing after a long hiatus and man this dude has got me seriously obsessing!!! I be keeping my distance but Damn if it’s not hard. That man’s body takes me to another level….

  3. That just means you need some good dick in your life to fuck you into relaxation as if you been on a good vacation. You’ve been so stressed your body is telling you it needs to “relax, relate, release”.

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