please go “home”

“everything you did brought you where you are now.
home.”bran stark to theon greyjoy,
game of thrones

that quote really stuck with me since last night’s episode.
i’ve been thinking about it all day.
for those who know theon’s arc on “game of thrones”,
you know what he got humbled in order to come “home”.
i remember reading a book called “the alchemist” a few years ago…

the story was basically about a protagonist searching for a treasure,
but it was actually at the place where they started.
they went on a whole journey,
only to come “home” and it be right there.
our blessings are right in front of us,
but you need to experience something(s) in order to get it.
you will lose because life isn’t meant to be fair,
but you’ll gain so much understanding of what it is you truly need.
you might have to destroy everything to get your riches unlocked.
often times,
you’ll learn one thing and get a whole bunch of other shit as a bonus.
cheat sheet: what’s holding us back,
or activates our insecuries,
is really the answer.

so like “the alchemist” and what bran said in “game of thrones”,
the protagonist in the stories had to return “home”.

often times…

“home” is “you“.

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