daddy, invite me over to your penthouse for pot roast

i use to want to live in a penthouse in the city.
i know.
the rent to live in manhattan is disrespect at the highest level.
as you know,
i’ve been looking at a ton of crib videos as of late.
a foxholer sent me a video of a gorgeous penthouse in the city.
the price tho…

…for 35 mill,
you can go to various states and buy cribs.
this mansion is even too much:

i would never spend that much bread on a penthouse.
i’d build my home from the ground up down south.
if you had 50 million dollars avaialble to spend right now…

Would you pay 35 mill to live in the middle of New Yawk?

lowkey: i’d rather know someone who has that in the city.
i love having rich friends.

10 thoughts on “daddy, invite me over to your penthouse for pot roast

  1. It’s foolish to buy anything that price. In the US claiming real estate on taxes is capped at $1.2M. I’m sure a wealthy Chinese or Russian will buy it and hold it until their child/grandchild matriculates at Columbia and they’ll sell it for twice as much after.

  2. If someone can afford those prices, then property taxes is the least of their concern. But I get the point.

    1. If it’s one of the newer condos/apt buildings they’re throwing up faster than you can say “New York City,” it could even have a zero tax rate because of abatements and other giveaways and perks. So regular people might be paying property and rental taxes through the nose, but super-rich people are getting off living like outright gangstas. They’re basically begging for a social and economic revolution and get more outrageous by the day.

  3. With $35 million you can have several McMansions in multiple states and abroad. NYC is simply obscene! No ma’am, No thankyou!

    Why live in NYC when you can fly in a few times a year and stay at a 5 star property? That’s what the smart money would do.

  4. That’s why I’m taking my behind back down South. Cost of living here in NY is ridiculous. A two piece at KFC about 8 dollars, NO!

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