romeo and marvin bienaime

i think i’d lose my mind if he showed up at my door with a package.
his package is up for debate.
so 40 never looked so good.
you want to strive to look good as you age.
marvin bienaime has done it again.
this time,
it’s with a wolf named romeo

he kinda looks like he could be kellon deryck’s older brother.
he could also be what kellon looks like if he ages gracefully
…and keeps the weight off.
he gives me a little “charles” too.
romeo will be naked naked in marvin’s latest project,
“visual love letter”.
these are a few bts shots:

that print looks healthy.

i wonder if romeo has cubs?
a wife?
if he is single,
i know he has dropped his package off at many doors.
i’d let him.
you can pre-order “visual love letter” on friday.

order “visual love letter”: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “romeo and marvin bienaime”

  1. What I love about Marvin is his Models are always aesthetically beautiful BLACK men . He is talented at taking pictures that show the strength and beauty of the skin tone and other wonderful attributes that make me love being black and seeing myself in his photos

  2. Lawd, Lawd, UPS has got to have some of the finest Black men on Planet Earth LoL. My first job out of college, was when I found out just how fine these dudes were. Our UPS deliver guy at my company was so fine that I would make it my business to go the mailroom everyday coincidentally when he came to pick up and drop off packages. This dude right here is just another example that there are no men on earth as beautiful as Black Men, nothing like real grown and sexy. The Marvin dude has had some fine men featured but this one really stands out in my book. Marvin gets a Gold Star for this one.

  3. Handsome Man. He’s like a slightly less attractive JJ James. Ugh! I miss JJ’s thick, sexy ass. It’s too bad he got all religious, boring & then deleted his IG altogether. Hopefully he resurfaces soon. 😢

  4. I just wanna know why he was hard in the videos with the towel. Cuz the underwear pic print was not the same

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