a dude named romeo in the 90s had my young ass sprung

when i was a baby millennial,
while the straights were crushing on ashley banks in the 90s,
i was crushing heavy on a wolf named romeo on the steve harvey show

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romeo and marvin bienaime

i think i’d lose my mind if he showed up at my door with a package.
his package is up for debate.
so 40 never looked so good.
you want to strive to look good as you age.
marvin bienaime has done it again.
this time,
it’s with a wolf named romeo
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f0xmail: Look At All The Field Negros! Look At Em!


So, I was looking up info on Darrelle Revis and clicked a Google image which led me to the following website.
All I can say is, who does stuff like this?  Can u imagine the time and effort it took?  Someone has too much hate on their hands.

 However, as I scrolled through the images, I said to myself…Well Damn!


UPDATE: Romeo Miller’s Alleged Dick Picture Leaks For The World

oh romeo,
how big is art thou alleged peen romeo?
below you say…

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Is Romeo Miller Packing The Steel?

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I’ll Take Both Romeos To Go.

So this is Romeo….

and has A Body That Needs To B Fucked
over and over again…

one of my Foxes sent me a dude to the Fox Brothel who sort of reminded me of him.
Do I need to get my eyes checked?

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