f0xmail: Look At All The Field Negros! Look At Em!


So, I was looking up info on Darrelle Revis and clicked a Google image which led me to the following website.
All I can say is, who does stuff like this?  Can u imagine the time and effort it took?  Someone has too much hate on their hands.

 However, as I scrolled through the images, I said to myself…Well Damn!


kerry rhodes.
devin thomas.
i guess the foxhole and myself like the “field negros” then.
why are some of the supposed “field negros” the finest ones tho?
i give this list and the person who made it the biggest:
lowkey: have i talked about darelle revis?
i may need too.

Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “f0xmail: Look At All The Field Negros! Look At Em!”

  1. im just laughing how the person who made that dumb page doesnt understand about genealogy and etc works..not EVERY fair skinned women is white and he or she (i can’t help but feel its a bitter black woman who needs to get laid) need’s to go back to school and earn an education…black people care entirely too much about how other blacks date…for every one or two black men you see there are countless black men impregnating black women they act as if our race is some purified race from the gods that can’t be distilled…at the end of the day we’re all HUMAN and i sure as hell am not cutting off my opportunities by telling myself that i’ll only date in my race, if GOD send’s me a great man who isn’t black i’ll still appreciate him…it’s almost like people feel you have to surrounded by blacks 100% of the time to know that you’re black smdh, and people with this frame of thinking WILL NEVER make it in the real world…i wish they could focus on something more relevant in our communities that continues to plague us, like lack of education or poverty..

    1. Malcolm, you wrote “i wish they could focus on something more relevant in our communities that continues to plague us, like lack of education or poverty”. What community are you writing about? You’re either part of the solution or you’re a part of the problem. The black men and women who engage in self-hating racism are part of the problem. For example, if you are a self-hating, racist black man or woman, you might travel 10 miles to avoid patronizing a black business, which business may employ many black people. For example, if you are a self-hating, racist black man or woman, you might make sure that a black boy that you cross paths with is sent to jail–just because you hate him, yourself and all blacks. If he goes to jail, he won’t be going to school. If you are a self-hating, racist black man or woman, many of your actions and words may (and will likely) work to express that racism and so black people will inevitably suffer from your racism! (“Out of the mouth flows the overflow of the mind and though action flows the overflow of the heart.”) So, Malcolm, the subject of self-hating, racist black people is directly relevant to the issues of education and poverty. LET’S BE HONEST ABOUT THAT.

  2. Dean you need to stop it bro, because I am getting a major internet crush on you. You are dropping so much knowledge to so many who need to hear this. I applaud you man for speaking truth to power. You single 🙂

  3. Jamari, you stated “can these men just have a preference?
    or just enjoying the new pussy that comes with new found fame?” Jamari, racism is a preference. A preference for a woman that doesn’t look like his mother or sisters or aunts. CALLING IT A “preference” doesn’t remove its racism and self-hatred. LET’S BE HONEST ABOUT THAT.

    As far as “new pussy that comes with new found fame” goes. That’s correct. He’s rich. He now has the best house, the best car and the best wine. He wants and can “afford” the best woman. His self-hating and racist heart tells him that the best woman has stringy hair, not strong (nappy, tightly coiled) hair, a pointy nose and not a broad nose, light skin and not dark skin, blue or green eyes and not brown eyes and thin lips and not full lips. Essentially, it’s abundantly clear that his “best” woman is a white or other than black woman and the the black woman is relegated to the “less-than” category.

    These things should not be a surprise. Racism is pushed morning, noon and night in the USA on TV, radio, music videos, magazines, etc. These black men swim in the white racism day in and day out and they drink from it until drunk from it.

    Jamari, I don’t want to excuse this self-hating racism. I want to eliminate it. It’s one big reason why African Americans do so poorly in the USA and why they have such low life expectancies, such high unemployment, such high rates of death by homicide, such low incomes, etc. To improve things, the self-hating racism must be reduced–not excused!

  4. African Americans (the descendants of African enslaved and brought to America) suffer from PTSD or PTSS–Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder or Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome. (There is a large list and a complex of symptoms and some symptoms cause or aggravate other symptoms.) That’s what you get when you strip a people for 250 of their histories, names, cultures and heritages and subject them to chattel slavery and then subject them to Jim Crow for another 100 years. Give me a break. The problems in African American culture go back to slavery and Jim Crow and guess who imposed slavery and Jim Crow? Who taught African Amercians to use the N word? Who gave African Americans a slave mentality? Who gave African Americans a slave mentality, which is perpetuated generation after generation and which negative influences spread like a virus/disease? Who has denied African Americans jobs? (The best social program is a job!) Who has built and perpetuated a racially discriminatory penal-industrial complex which is tilted at every level–from arrest, to booking, to sentencing, to probation and parole–against African Americans? Who denied African Americans the nurturing and protective (as individuals and as a group) influences of their histories, cultures, languages, names and heritages? Why is it that African Americans largely hold as negative our skin, our lips, our noses and our hair and talk of “good hair” and make fun of dark complexions and strong/natural/nappy hair and fry and dye their hair unnatural colors like blonde, orange and red.

    Rich guys have the best homes, cars and wine. They want the best woman to go with it and by their minds, the best woman is not dark-skinned, nappy-headed, wide-nosed or thick-liped. This is the result of self-hate and self-hating racism swallowed by these men. Shame on them for their racism!

    1. ^well I have a question dean,
      and I love your commentary thus far…

      can these men just have a preference?
      or just enjoying the new pussy that comes with new found fame?

      I noticed that as well.
      it seems some of these men are only dating vixens that didn’t give them the time of day when they were broke and dusty.
      it makes me think of jay’s line in december 4th:

      “Now all the teachers couldn’t reach me and my momma couldn’t beat me Hard enough to match the pain of my pop not seein me SO!
      With that disdain in my membrane
      Got on my pimp game, fuck the world, my defense came
      Then the Haven introduced me to the game
      Spanish Jose introduced me to ‘caine; I’m a hustler now

      <<<< My gear is in, and I'm in the in-crowd And all the wavy light-skinned girls is lovin me now My self-esteem went through the roof, man I got my swag'>>>>

      Got a vocal from this girl when her man got bagged
      Plus I hit my momma with cash from a show that I had
      supposedly – knowin nobody paid Jaz like ass
      I’m gettin ahead of myself, by the way, I could rap
      That came second to me movin this crack
      Give me a second I swear, I would say about my rap career
      ’til ninety-six came, niggaz I’m here – goodbye!”

      1. But I think it’s very sad that they’d go with a woman that only likes them for their status.I’d get a woman that likes/loves me for me.These women are basically faking and forcing love for a person they would ignore if he was broke.I’d wouldn’t touch any of them bitches with a ten foot pole.You can’t even trust black women either.I’ve known a few that act as if black men are beneath them but as soon as one shows up with bags full of money, all of a sudden she’s done whoring herself out to other men and ready to settle down and have kids that look like her even though she swore up and down her preference was for everything non-black.I wish black men were smart enough to see that but they always marry whores, no matter what color she is.

        Scratch what I said before, I wouldn’t get married.I don’t trust anybody.

      2. I would not want someone who was not riding with me when I had nothing. Forget that. As soon as the money and the fame come the hoes flock.

    2. Racial trauma is becoming a huge focus in psychotherapy …thanks for bringing it to the forefront

  5. So a lot of Black celebrity men love using White or Asian women as beards…and not all mixed children are attractive. None of this is news.

    There were a bunch of odd looking couples and not because of race/skin color.

  6. This person need to read the National Geographic: The Changing Faces of America, even tho it should be call The Changing Faces of the U.S. because America includes Central and South America, and we are already mix. But then again that person would be more of a uproar that there more mixed people now.

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