tumblr_inline_mw4hgzBmop1ra26fveveryone has been telling me about this rapper wolf for a while.
including my cousin hybrid,
who happens to be in a serious lust relationship in his head.
his name is patrick chukwuemeka okogwu aka tinie tempah,
scorpio (of course),
and from the UK.
oh so international meat i reckon…

he is kinda all the way fine.
i love the accent and complexion as well.
he also got some style on him too.
i was checking out his wardrobe and was very impressed.
( x fox swagg ) future deposits?
why yes.
yes he will.


  1. I love tinie’s music. I have been lusting after him since his “Pass out” single. Him and drake are the only two rappers I fantasize about.

  2. I’ve seen this dude before thanks for the info, he and Luke James are good boyfriend material ( in my mind).

  3. The title of this post made my heart skip a beat. I thought you had um……errrr……uhhh…..images (You said PEEN). Lol. Anyway, this man is beautiful. His skin color is perfection……I can’t stop looking at him. I simply do not understand why dark skinned men don’t get as much love as the lights.

    1. You “do not understand why dark skinned men don’t get as much love as the lights”. Where have you been? It’s racism that is pushed in America morning, noon and night by TV, radio, music videos, magazines, newspapers, etc. You have been asleep at the switch! Shame on you!

      African Americans (the descendants of African enslaved and brought to America) suffer from PTSD or PTSS–Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder or Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome. (There is a large list and a complex of symptoms and some symptoms cause or aggravate other symptoms.) That’s what you get when you strip a people for 250 of their histories, names, cultures and heritages and subject them to chattel slavery and then subject them to Jim Crow for another 100 years. Give me a break. The problems in African American culture go back to slavery and Jim Crow and guess who imposed slavery and Jim Crow? Who taught African Amercians to use the N word? Who gave African Americans a slave mentality? Who gave African Americans a slave mentality, which is perpetuated generation after generation and which negative influences spread like a virus/disease? Who has denied African Americans jobs? (The best social program is a job!) Who has built and perpetuated a racially discriminatory penal-industrial complex which is tilted at every level–from arrest, to booking, to sentencing, to probation and parole–against African Americans? Who denied African Americans the nurturing and protective (as individuals and as a group) influences of their histories, cultures, languages, names and heritages? Why is it that African Americans largely hold as negative our skin, our lips, our noses and our hair and talk of “good hair” and make fun of dark complexions and strong/natural/nappy hair and fry and dye their hair unnatural colors like blonde, orange and red?

      1. Lol. You don’t have to educate me bro. I know all of this, and I have written about it (i.e. Last post about Idris Elba). It baffles me because I see SO much beauty in darker skin tones, and I wan’t everyone to appreciate it as much as I do. It was a rhetorical statement.

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