We’re Close Like Siamese Cats

tumblr_mw3ymi1WYb1qh01r8o1_500siamese cats tho?
porsha stewart.
pretty vixen.
no one is home upstairs.
i forgot to watch ( x #rhoa ) last night so i caught up just now.
it was a pretty good episode and of course,
it was all about porsha and kordell’s break up drama.
“karma is going to bite him in that big bubble butt.”
kordell has a fat ass?
either way the gay insinuations are on od status tho.
well porsha appeared on wendy today and got a little tough love on her couch…

did wendy not morph back into “old wendy” on her tho?
imagine if she was still on the radio.
i’m sure she would have made porsha cry.
right after,
kordell called up wendy (starts at 3:10):

377CTSC…kordell about to get wendy involved in this?
uh oh.

lowkey: pebbles from that tlc drama is going to be on wendy’s show on wednesday.
double uh oh.

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “We’re Close Like Siamese Cats”

  1. Lol I LOVE Porsha. She is my favorite housewife. And Mama Joyce is hella wrong for going in on Todd and Kandi like that

  2. I love Porsha, and that Kordell know he is a queen lol. I bet that week she was in the hospital he was getting fucked in that bubble butt lol. People wanted to know why Porsha stayed in the hospital a week, she had fibroids just like Cynthia did.

    I fell out when Nene shouted out “AIDS” She was surprised that Kenya said that. I forgot all about it myself.

    S/N: I believe Angela Stanton, and all the shit she said about Phaedra and Apollo, and something is off about their marriage. Go watch Angela’s interviews. She was hella detailed about what happened. She has a book out titled Lies of a Real Housewife. Yup lol.

  3. Wendy Wendy Wendy….LMAO! She is funny as hell and I love it. As a masculine black man I’m not “supposed” to enjoy shows like RHOA or Wendy, but we don’t have any other shows on TV that make me laugh as much as those do. Hahahahahaha

    1. LOL. You get a dummy smack in the back of the head for that lol. Straight men watch RHOA, just like women watch football. It’s not a girly show, and their husbands are apart of the show as well, just not as much.

  4. I like Portia for the fact that she represents a side you rarely see with Black women and that is the fun bubbly side. Its no written rule that all Black women have to be serious like Maya Angelou and Oprah Winfrey. Why cant she be a cute spoiled Princess. Plenty of women on TV of other races who have the same personality and they are adored and rewarded. I think she is a lot smarter than she comes off and her mom raised her like many young White girls are raised and that is to get a man with money. She will bounce back and find her another rich husband.

  5. All this porsha and kordell drama is entertaining, but who was the guy that opened wendy’s door at the end of the after show, can you get him to call me? lol I’m just saying!!!!

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