So Now You Check Up On Me (Oh.)

airmail+cards2a familiar name just popped up in my unread mail.
btw – ( x airmail ) is the
okay back to the point.
it familiar name was from my old boss.
it goes…
“hi jamari.
hope all is well.
i haven’t heard from you.
how are you?”

um haven’t heard from me?

Whateveri haven’t heard from him since i went back that second time.
that was last year.
he hasn’t reached out to me up until now.
should i respond to this email?
what would i even say?
i’m really not interested in the convo tbh.
when i’m done wrong,
i just let you go and move on with my life.
a big side of me is saying,
“hell naw.
send that shit to your spam folder”.
i thought id ask how you would handle it.

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “So Now You Check Up On Me (Oh.)”

      1. Im glad you do have this blog as a secret and Im not even judging Im being real you dont need to blog you need a life-coach, tact, etiquette, culture, and some more stuff Im not even finding it funny anymore. I really just dont think you know any better

  1. I have somewhat a similar situation. It been a year we haven’t spoke and he stop talking for no reason, but we start chatting up again and guess what? Now he stop chatting me again and is ignoring me. So don’t waste your precious time with him.

  2. Hey Jamari, glad I happened to check email just now. I’m literally standing on a sidewalk on my iPhone; that’s how important I think this is.

    I would offer that you respond. This is not coming from a former piece or ex-lover; it’s coming from a former boss and you need a job like yesterday. Swallow pride, let him know you are still not working. Hopefully, he’s calling about a job back at the company or he is aware of an opening somewhere else.

    In politics we have a saying: no permanent friends, just permanent interests. Right now, your interest in landing some income. You don’t have to like him; just be professional, show zero attitude. And, if an offer is made, accept and laugh all the way to the bank. You may still look, discreetly, for other things.

    This is my two cents; at least, give it some thought.

    1. VERY good advice. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Please respond to him asap J. You never know… 🙂

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