Is This What “Hard Baller Wolf Dick and Bubble Gum” Looks Like?

smoochevery time draya gets with some baller wolf,
its like shit always happens.
could be her attention whoring need to broadcast it?
well her current baller wolf,
orlando scandrick,
was allegedly outed for cheating on her.
i mean, surprise surprise right?
well that isn’t what bothered me about the whole situation.
this is...

orlando scandrick salary is 4.7 million dollars.
you giving the pussy/throat to this millionaire and your phone screen is cracked like that?
the hell????????

12-Kandi-Eye-Rollhoe get it together!!!!!!!!

lowkey: what is with this need to blast people you’re creepin with?
i just dont get it.
i really dont.
then again,
maybe she blasted him because she realized her pussy is underfucked and underpaid.
looking in the mirror,
and your cracked up phone,
would do that to a hoe.
this whole situation is tragic.

story found: mto

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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