well don’t be a (fake) bitch about it

i like my bitches to be upfront with their bitchery.
male or female.
i respect a real bitch.
nothing worst than a fake bitch being in disguise as:

a “good” person
that “cool” person
that “chill” family member
my “cool ass” foxholer
the “we connected” wolf

…so on and so forth.
i’ve often wondered tho…

Does being fake really get you anywhere?

losing my job wasn’t the thing that pissed me off…

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So Now You Check Up On Me (Oh The Response)

design-dosage-airmail-envelopes0021so before i wrote those two entries,
i replied to ( x my old boss’s email ) from yesterday.
with my gospel radio on itunes on a mellow volume,
i wanted to be in the right frame of mind.
this is what i wrote…

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