When Your Last Job Starts To Implode (Karma)

i love the smell of karmic retribution in the morning.
it goes great with eggs,
and a big bowl of life.
my last jobs did me wrong,
but now,
they are reaping their karma.
so my last boss


thing 2 texted me this morning to tell me.
it was his idea to dismantle the department.
he told the higher ups that it would save them money to let us go.
in his own sneaky way,
since he didn’t like me,
he hired others that he thought would be a better fit:


he promised the company an “effective way of handling the job” and failed.
so everything blew up in his face.
he tried to play me and ended up getting played.
thing 2 said everyone still asks for me,
including the president’s assistant i was close with.
she allegedly regrets not stepping in to save my job.
she knew what was happening as well,
but couldn’t tell me the goings on.

“It would save money.”

…they all said when i asked why this was happening.
everything hurtful that was done was all because of money.
now they are worried about that same money.
the company is laying off many and downgrading offices also.

people and companies always get rid of the good ones.
they soon realize how bad they fucked up.
thing 2 asked me if they called me back

Would I go back?

probably not.
i will never forget the abuse i took from them.
all money ain’t good money.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “When Your Last Job Starts To Implode (Karma)”

  1. …the whole time I was reading I could hear the voice of the great Nene Leakes. “You can never win when you play dirty!” LOL

    Even though their downfall isn’t full retribution for how terrible they did you, I’m glad you didn’t have to wait long to see it. I just hope that they somehow get to witness your come up.

    1. ^i hope so as well.
      ive already started to glo up.
      now a career/better job glo up would really make them all vomit.

      it seems everyone who did me wrong is reaping their karma in 2017.

    2. @Beeezy….that heifer should know because karma came back on her ass big time too! Se treated the other ladies badly just because her “star was on the rise” but that sure didn’t last long. Her projects failed left and right. Now she’s thinking about going “home” with her tail between her legs.

      That’s what happens to people when you treat others like crap. It may not come when you want it, but it comes. My old VP she treated us like crap, along with some of her Directors, and tried to throw a little humanity in there every now and then…but you could see through it. I would have no part of it whenever we had office functions. They started getting axed left and right when a new President came in. Now the vibe in the office is so much better.

      So yeah, karma is a bitch. You get what you give.

      That is why I treat others kindly and respectfully (until they do otherwise).

      1. ^they always lose!!!
        i don’t know why they play the fake game in corporate america.
        it almost never ends well.

        my old boss thought he could handle all that,
        plus hire new people who he thought knew what they were doing.
        now he is making less and doing more.


  2. Karma is a FAITHFUL Bih!

    Bruh! All I hear is Leelah James singing “I don’t want Youuuu, Back!” But out of loyalty to my standard of living, I would have the nastiest independent consultant contract ready to slap on their ungrateful assess!

    I’ve narrowly escaped being the lightning rod for all these feewlings co-worker personalities have for unapologetically black men in these corporate streets.

    The imaginary sign above my CUBICLE reads “ALL THE ASS YOU CAN KISS, NO WAITING.”

    I agree that you shouldn’t go back as a W-2 employee, but as an independent consultant, that’s BIG CITY, NEW YAWK shit! In my mind, that’s the LEVEL-UP! I’m on your side, either way.

    GET YO’ LICK BACK. It’s make you feel better — The Oracle from The Matrix

  3. Mr. Green now feels green. Jamari, I was thinking about the possibility of them calling you back, but for all the abuse and no vacation, its not worth it.

  4. *Insert Reba tv intro gif*

    I’m just saying Karma works it may not happen when you are hoping but it comes through. This is why people fail, thinking things will save money and it ends up ruining the brand. Now you just need to continue to sit back and live off that.

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