I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (69)

don’t tell anyone…
i left one if my old barbers for taking too long.
no reason i would get there at 2pm and i was leaving at 6pm.
i should be more mad at myself,
but a lot of eye candy use to go to that shop.
he would have all his walk in hood wolves go before me.
my current barber,
who is a dominican wolf,
gets me in and out.
well this she-hyena was mad that her cub’s barber was taking to long to do his hair.
a f-bi sent me what she did via news 5 cleveland

Cleveland Police are looking for a woman seen on surveillance video whipping out a pistol and pointing it at people inside her son’s barber shop.

The incident happened on April 14 at The AllState Barber College

A witness said the woman was upset with how long it was taking for one of the student barbers to cut her 7-year-old son’s hair. After a brief disagreement, she grabbed her purse and flashed a black Glock 9 mm pistol.

“For a $6 haircut? You’re doing all this?” barber college instructor Marilyn Medina said, “I was afraid. You never know the intention she had, if she was really going to shoot, if she was really going to do something.”

Police still don’t know who the woman is and they’re asking for the public’s help. Anyone with information is asked to call Cleveland Police. If captured, the woman is expected to face an aggravated menacing charge.

she is mad her cub’s barber was taking to long to do his hair,
but isn’t mad she will be spending a long time in jail because she is a dumb ass?


article: news 5 cleveland

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (69)

  1. You can’t be cheap and impatient.This is coming from someone who is cheap.If you go to a beauty school, barber college,etc,(I have been to both because I’m cheap (frugal😂),you have to wait.You also know you are dealing with “students”.
    Somebody will turn her in especially if they offer a reward.

  2. If I’m getting a deal or discount I should know that it’s gonna be a somewhat of a journey to get it. You pulling out a gun because this student barber is taking too long is dumb af. If you’re in such a hurry take your ass now to the regular barber shop and spend 10 or $12 to get your sons haircut.

  3. Well, she is going to catch charges because of this, but I guess it was justified in her mind. Why could she not wait like everyone else?

  4. Y’all you can’t be impatient especially with people who aren’t professionals just yet. This is really where we are?

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