brandon curington wants your head while you sip?

*the following entry is rated xxx
viewer discretion is advised

so everyone meet brandon curington.
he is a barber from chicago:

well i got sent how exactly he cuts hair these days.
i guess this is called “cut ‘n’ sip”?…
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I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (69)

don’t tell anyone…
i left one if my old barbers for taking too long.
no reason i would get there at 2pm and i was leaving at 6pm.
i should be more mad at myself,
but a lot of eye candy use to go to that shop.
he would have all his walk in hood wolves go before me.
my current barber,
who is a dominican wolf,
gets me in and out.
well this she-hyena was mad that her cub’s barber was taking to long to do his hair.
a f-bi sent me what she did via news 5 cleveland
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Swipe My Finga Right Onto Some Butt Cheekz

siri-exploited-bypass-iphones-lock-screen-browse-contacts-make-calls-send-emails-texts-ios-7-1-1.w654speaking of iphones and ratchet photo albums,
 i got caught up with my barber today.
so when i go to my shop,
i usually show him pictures of different hairstyles to replicate.
this week was a cut by kellon deryck.
my usual.
so when he was standing next to me looking at the picture,
i made the mistake and swiped right.
this is what showed up…
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The Silence of The Werewolf

a_560x375when i turn into a werewolf,
like any other fox,
it’s usually NOT pretty.
that means i am either fed up or super horny.
either someone will get cussed out real mean…
or a vicious nut will be pulled out his pipe.
maybe even both depending on the situation.
i’d like to think “ratchet jamari” is my werewolf side.
when i do turn into a werewolf,
and can’t express it the right way,
it leaves me having the craziest mood swings.
so much so,
i was so restless that i couldn’t even sleep last night…
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