When Hugging Lucien Laviscount Looked Gay AF?

i was gonna feature ^this one too because i saw this pic on tumblr.
i thought it was some young up and coming model.
he looks like a younger christian keys/drake hybrid.
in actuality,
it’s up and coming british actor wolf,
lucien laviscount.
he was in the first season of “scream queens”.
sidebar: i love his name.
it sounds so…

rich wolf who lives in the hamptons,
has a stock portfolio as his birth certificate,
ย christian grey tendencies,
and is the type of person lana del rey gets depressed about

…my type?
he posted a picture of his best friend of 10 years,
vans morgan,
on his instagram.
well mto claims lucien wanted to let us know he was allegedly coming out of the closet.
well it was how he took the picture that has everyone assuming so…











look at his biceps.
okay so the embrace is a little suspect,
but i don’t think lucien is gay off that picture.
all the black wolves,
outside the us,
live a lot differently.
they show off their asses and do the most suspect shit.
a majority of the time,
they’ll be 110% straight with vixens to shag.

we really need to stop putting black males on this insane level of masculinity.
even in the black gay community,
we are notorious for emasculating males.
it is getting so bad that anything a black male does is scrutinized.
God forbid we:

sits down

…a certain way,
we is labelled “gay” on some reckless shit.
it has happened to me and it does wonders on the self esteem.
i see snow wolves hugging,
and doing much worse with their friends,
and get little to no judgment.
it’s sick.
this is one of the reasons homophobia is so disgusting in our community.
until we stop all the shit we do to each other,
we will continue to get nowhere.
so i had to ask the foxhole…

Do you think Lucien might be revealing a tiny hint of “gay” just off that picture?

lowkey: if his fans and supporters turn on him because of that,
they were never truly in his corner to begin with.

*thanks always to the vix-bi who sent me in the story

23 thoughts on “When Hugging Lucien Laviscount Looked Gay AF?

  1. No, he wasn’t given of a hint of being gay. He hugged him from behind, I do that all the time to male relatives and friends.

  2. First thing I’ve seen much worse from straight dudes, I’ve actually experienced very suspect straight dude behavior but they were 100% straight. This is nothing really like at all.

    We have this weird thing about masculinity that changes w/ every guy (I thought at one point they were really lenient on lighter skinned guys that allowed them to be a bit softer ehh guess not). There are so many things that seem to make a guy gay besides actually being gay ex:

    1. dancing
    2. laughing
    3. smiling
    4. dressing like you actually care about yourself
    5. liking anything that’s not related to guys period

    It’s really sad because we could be as free as the white guys that I’ve seen do ALOT they even flirt w/ each other (Look at the cast of the avengers and etc)

    (SN: He’s gorgeous and the main reason I watched scream queens plus Baaaaaawdy)

  3. I remember watching a video called either” British or Gay” or “French or Gay”.It had Americans looking at guys and trying to guess if the guys were Gay based on how they dressed,interacted with other guys,mannerisms,etc.Americans thought most of the guys were gay when in fact they were just European ๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. Well, if that is the way men in Europe show affection to their friends, straight men in the US need to adapt the same affection because their manhood is extremely threatened for no reason.

  5. Living in Europe myself, more specifically a smaller city in England. I find this to be not gay at all. Yes sexuality is more fluid in Europe but straight men here tend to not be as bothered about sexuality as they would be in America and other places. My straight male friends of all races are completely comfortable to touch, undressed around me or even flirt back with me.

  6. Yeah they’re a little more liberal in Europe, but they’re also more fluid sexually there too as well.

    Issa No here in the U.S. though. My father doesn’t even associate with men with feminine names lmao.

  7. J he certainly can have my back but he looks more like Drake than Christian but simply beautiful indeed

  8. As a woman I have to deal with sexism,being sexually harassed, fear of being attacked or raped if I am alone at night,etc.But I have never had to think about how I walk,sit,hold my hands,dance,etc in terms of how people will judge my sexual orientation.I have held hands,walked arm and arm,slept in the same beds with platonic friends,female relatives .Not once have I ever thought,”Is someone going to think I am a lesbian?”I don’t even give a second thought to my clothing choices,I have worn men’s shirts,a couple of times I have worn a tie,still noone has questioned my sexuality (well not to my knowledge ๐Ÿ˜‚)

    I guess if I was masculine in terms of my mannerisms or fashion style maybe people would question it.But for guys,especially black guys in this country you can be masculine but if you like to dance, wear skinny jeans,like certain types of music,if you smile too big, your are suspect.

    Reading thru that guys comments people are literally congratulating him on “coming out”. I don’t read comments on MTO because if a guy is walking on the same side of the street as another guy MTO claims they are gay,even if they are strangers.๐Ÿ˜‚

    Oh Jamari there is still some issues with your site
    The message I get is “500: Internal error This website is unavailable at this moment.Internal service error.

    1. ^when you see that “500 error”,
      it’s because there is crazy amounts of traffic on the site at that moment.
      i called my hosting company about that issue.
      they said the foxhole takes up a lot of resources and they have to shut things down when that happens.
      i hope to upgrade to my own server with them.

  9. As soon as I heard he was from the UK, I knew that he was comfortable taking a pic like that. They seem to be more carefree over there, although they do have their hardcore gay bashing as well. But they don’t care about taking pics hugged up with a dude, or naked/half-naked with dudes, etc. I had a British soldier and an Australian soldier as roommates for 2 weeks when I was in AIT, and British dude had NO problem walking around butt ass naked. LOL

    People need to get past the BS and start telling/showing people in their lives that matter, how much they care about them. That person won’t be around forever, and when they’re gone it’s too late.

  10. Okay let me clear the air. I am from London (born & raised) and I have met Lucien briefly in industry events and he is a very down to earth genuine person. He is very good looking in person btw. He is far from gay. The UK is a gay friendly country (generally speaking). The media are very liberal/pro-gay so homosexuality really isn’t seen as a big deal here as it is in some parts of the US generally. The UK in general is pretty secular if you ask me, religion is barely ever brought up in mainstream media, unless it’s discussing Islam terrorists lol.

    Yes homophobes exist but on a general consensus, the White Brits don’t really view homosexuality as the “worst thing known to man” like many do overseas. It’s kind of a “whatever” thing I guess. When it comes to progression as far as homosexuality is concerned, I’d say Britain is probably #1 in the world (if not close).

    With that being said, Lucien grew up in a very very white small town, he didn’t grow up in the big city London where most Black people in the UK live, so granted he is very gay friendly. Also, he is biracial and was raised by a white mother. These all play a huge part in one’s upbringing & values. He’s been acting on TV since he was a kid btw.

    IMO had he been raised in London with other black people (who are of African/Caribbean heritage) then I doubt he would be taking pics like this.. Not that it’s a bad thing. I’m just saying.

    But yeah, he’s not gay. Vas is gay though, he’s a blogger who’s very well connected in the UK social scene. Lucien is just a friendly guy that’s all. He responded because people were calling him gay in the comments. There were some American women calling him “poop dick” & “fag” in the comments so I’m not surprised that he cleared the air. It wasn’t a response to MTO. He comes across as a very secure guy.

    1. Good point, we have to remember that in other parts of the world that holding hands or a kiss on the cheek, mouth does not equate to being gay and its just a friendship gesture. Anyway with this publicity, he will gain allot of followers and admirers and this is a big April fools stunt I bet Wendy will be chattin in the “topics”. I admit tho, I wish he was gay and i’m sure in the black gay community we have a gay version of him and i’m definitely looking for him.His name sound very French.

    1. They can, but a lot of guys equate that type of behavior as gay. It’s sad. I tell my friends and family that I love them, with no shame. Lost too many loved ones not to do it anymore. I don’t give a fuck what others thing because they don’t know what that person’s relationship is to me, and what they’ve done for me.

  11. this brotha is beautiful, I don’t believe he was trying to hint at anything besides the fact that he has a great friendship .

    it’s just a hug I’ve seen more “suspect” things from some of the straightest wolves for years, and it gets a pass as joking around but a tender moment like this gets crap. It just steams from this mentality that has been ingrained in us for years that men aren’t supposed to show emotions such as sadnesses or vulnerability, especially not to other men.๐Ÿ™„

    The only way this kind of side eyeing will stop is when people start being comfortable with open thinking. In this community especially, we do it all the time.We see a gay guy and based on his mannerisms we automatically assume things about him: his sexual position, what he’s into, whether not he’s messy or not. Instead of just opening ourselves up to whatever possibilities are out there we stay stagnant. Even when people are “throwing shade” a lot of times it’s just not necessary and just another way to tear someone else down.

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