Record (Mi) So I Can Show You The Truth

“her choices in “friends” are unfortunately a reflection of her own issues.”

that is what a foxholer told me today.
there is truth in it.
a lot of it actually.
as i speak to mi,
she is opening up more about what happened that night.
so about “those friends” of hers…

…and sidebar,
it’s funny how these are the same friends that had a lot to say about me.

so when i spoke to mi today,
she told me how she spoke to her friend she was staying at.
the one who texted me,
trying to make me feel bad about my decision on kicking mi out.
well ain’t it funny

that same friend,
and her friends,
taped mi during her suicide attempt

due to their 24 hour feeds,
all evidence is gone.
mi feels violated.that part made me feel sad.
those who you consider your friends could potentially violate.
an incident that was so serious could have went viral on social media.

“look at this vixen about to kill herself!

the she-hyena friend said she didn’t actually tape mi.

“they did”

…while letting mi know that she won’t be staying there anymore.
so once mi leaves that hospital,
she is pretty much homeless.
you gotta be careful who you surround yourself with.

i’m content with the little friends i have.

i just spoke to mi’s doctor as i was writing this.
he told me he sees she has a real problem.
she has been fighting to leave,
but he thinks she needs to be there longer.
i gave them the okay.
he said she is on meds and is getting clearer.
this is the only way she will make it.

lowkey: i called one of her aunts and she gonna tell me…

“bi polar is the season.
they are diagnosing everyone with bi polar these days.
she is not bipolar:

needless to say,
i flipped the fuck out and the phone hung up.
this is not the season to piss me off.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Record (Mi) So I Can Show You The Truth”

  1. I have relatives saying the same thing about my cousin Tanya who was diagnosed as bipolar and schizophrenic.At least your aunt didn’t say what my aunt said to me that “Tanya just needs to get right with the Lord and pray”.

    Pray the mental illness away.#Denial

    As for Mi’s friends so rather then call police “THEY” are filming sh## so they can get views and likes.SMH

    1. ^this has all disturbed me yc.
      i told the doctor i agree with having her there longer.
      she will be mad,
      but she is not well.
      i can’t have her back there or even worse.

      black families really need to stop sweeping gay and mental illness to the side.

      1. ” black families really need to stop sweeping gay and mental illness to the side” all the way facts Jamari. Mental illness is real and some people will never get it, and don’t even get me started on the gay issue that some black families think that’s the worst thing you can be. You know Jamari, Mi had it made staying with you. You was trying to help her and get her back on the right track, but she didn’t want to listen. She thought she would of had it good staying with those trash ass so called friends of hers, but naw she wanted to show her ass to you and treat you bad look where it got her. I honestly feel bad for her, I know you wrote before that her mother passed away, and sometimes different mental illnesses can creep up on you when a tragic life changing event happens to you, but homegirl knows she did you wrong. Jamari I think a lot of your friends who did you wrong as of late will be coming back to you sooner than later apologizing to you saying ” Jamari you were right I was wrong.” I hope Mi can pull it together soon, I think she needs a good friend who can help and mentor her.

        1. ^all i ever do is try to be the friend i know they need.
          i support and give all of me.
          most of the wolves that befriended me have been insecure about that.
          some of the vixens didn’t know they had a good thing until i was gone.
          then there is a mi.
          who i tried to help when she was down.
          you are right e.
          look at all that has transpired.
          can i even blame her?
          she has a mental illness and was acting out because of it.
          i told her during that time to seek help when she was here.
          she didn’t have a job and all the free time in the world.

          now look.

  2. I really hope she gets the helps she needs . Smh at this generation today. is there any kind of home or something they can find her when she is released? being homeless after leaving that place isn’t going to help her.

  3. Those were not friends. Friends would try to help you, talk to you..if you asked for it or they cared enough to see the signs. Those people were opportunists. Trying to make it on whichever sad ass sites would accept a video like that.

    They may have come off as friendly, and once they saw that they had her in their “clutches” they started to exhibit their true nature. Sooner or later they always show their true form/side.

    @Mikey…she probably doesn’t have insurance, so she will get the minimal assistance and they will release her back on the street. The system will screw her over just as bad as her so called “friends” did. Our society is doomed. It’s scary.

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