white folks have lost their minds.
i’m so glad we have cameras on our phones for moments like the following.
black folks have to be careful of karens in the wild.
they can be just as dangerous as the chads.
read up on: emmett till
a foxholer sent me a video that is going viral.
it’s a wild karen that decided to attack a black vixen in a store…


the trans-she jackal decided to “buck the world” and expose young buck

you know when i said young buck shouldn’t have responded?
he should have kept quiet.
his response may have allegedly come back to bite him.
he def shouldn’t have called that trans-she jackal either.
she decided switch up her initial story.
she went ahead and released alleged secretly recorded tapes.
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Record (Mi) So I Can Show You The Truth

“her choices in “friends” are unfortunately a reflection of her own issues.”

that is what a foxholer told me today.
there is truth in it.
a lot of it actually.
as i speak to mi,
she is opening up more about what happened that night.
so about “those friends” of hers…

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So, Ummmmm, Where Do We Go From Here?

Sometimes I wonder what road to choose…

That was the thought going through my head last night.
I was in the studio, sitting on the couch, and watching an artist record.
I like what I am doing now because it is 100% with my career moves.
But… my money is so damn funny.

I know you all have been in this… tight spot.
You are put in a put in a position where you have to choose what may supply you with pleasure.
You can take one road that looks like it is going in a right direction.
It is what EVERYONE thinks you should do.

Then, you see the other road.
It is harder and has more bumps, but you know the outcome would probably be better.

So what do you do?
What do you choose?

When it comes to life:

Are you on the right path?

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