the trans-she jackal decided to “buck the world” and expose young buck

you know when i said young buck shouldn’t have responded?
he should have kept quiet.
his response may have allegedly come back to bite him.
he def shouldn’t have called that trans-she jackal either.
she decided switch up her initial story.
she went ahead and released alleged secretly recorded tapes.

ima need her to fix her phone screen.
i noticed it.
the tran-she jackal claims she was “tired of living a lie“.
she posted these as well:

i love how she has “positivity” on her ig intro:

her reasoning sounds stupid.
“because vixens do it…”
does that make it okay?
we don’t applaud vixens for fuckin up someone car.
they end up being hauled off to jail over some bum pineapple.
not to mention the money they have to shell out.
they get a record,
a payment plan,
and he’s off to fuck some new bitch.
that sounds like an “L” to me
clearly she wants a cosign why she did it.
i won’t be giving it to her.

lowkey: this is how folks end up getting killed.
ya’ll gonna learn to stop outing and exposing.
this shows me you really can’t trust folks out here.

instagram cc: spiderloc | glamourmizz | dlrapperyoungbuck

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

30 thoughts on “the trans-she jackal decided to “buck the world” and expose young buck”

  1. These shemales stay catching feelings for DL dudes and when that dude doesn’t reciprocate, they put dudes on blast. She better pray Buck or his people don’t get to her.

    1. I am seriously praying for her, because when lives and livlihoods are at stake people get ruthless. He both begged and pleaded with her, but she gone keep on and she is going to be silenced by force once and for all and it will be all her own fault.

  2. Okay Jamari .I’ll say this first. She shouldn’t have done that. Like really shouldn’t have done that..


    Then I’ll say this…Stuff like this be having me worried about folks because wolves will KILL you and dump your body somewhere over stuff like this.

    Not to sound mean or offend but If you are trans-female and are messing with a “straight guy”, please let it go, if you must, make sure he has no main chick or a family. The same for gay men who love these straight DL types. You will ALWAYS come second when it comes to a woman. There is no Bussy in the world that will convert a straight man. He might say you wet and claim the Bussy is bomb but what he really is saying is that, it’s convenient…🤕

    Most of you have done and went through too much to be someone else’s option. And you talking about hurt feelings and tired of living a lie…These men will KILL you and you won’t be living at all.

    I think situations like these are a double edged sword. A deep closeted DL “straight” wolf has spent years keeping himself hidden and you come along and expose that….You are going to suffer or at worst, die…and on the other hand, most of these types are mentally unstable so they may end up trying to kill themselves, which is also bad.

    Couldn’t be me. The second I find out he has a girlfriend, wife, and kids, automatic sum of squares to the tenth power cancellation for him. Not gonna deal with it. Don’t want that drama in my life.

    Oh and that comment she made about the vixens acting up as an excuse for her behavior is a no-no. As much as you see yourself as a woman, a straight female never will. They aren’t your friends. Most of them are disgusted by trans but that doesn’t mean you should stop being you.

    Most straight men are disgusted with gay men but due to the times and the risk of finger pointing, they just tolerate them….(just like some whites tolerate blacks but are still low key racist.) As you can see the straight men have no problem taking your Onlyfans coins but if you ain’t got nothing for them to bank off of, you’re just another “fag”, as they call it cause and they you know they ain’t with that gay s*it…Ladies only…kinda deal.

    1. ^do you think she is kinda protected since she put all this out there?
      if something happens to her,
      all fingers will point to buck.
      he might be the one to harm himself.
      it’s all very sad and could have been avoided.
      she said she would fly to different states and he wouldn’t see her.


      the first time would have been the last.
      he would have had to come to me.
      this is all learning lessons for all of us

      1. I don’t think she’s THAT protected. Take a word in fact in knowing that if someone wants you to “disappear”, it’s going to happen…by their hands or they will pay someone to do it for them. She needs to either change her identity and move to another state or leave the country.

        I wasn’t raised in the hood but I know people who were and trust me when I say that she’d be wise to cover her tracks, if that will even help. I’ve heard of horror stories of moms finding their son’s head at the doorsteps because they owed someone and was on the run.

        See the thing about all fingers pointing to him now doesnt matter because you’ve outted him. You’ve exposed his greatest secret and now he has nothing to lose. One of them is going under unless something takes place to prevent it.

        I hope she has her connections set up if he decides (or someone else) decideds to pursue, or I hope she has a strong conscience if he decides to off himself.

    2. @Jammy,

      All of this makes total sense to me. I don’t advocate the taking of life (unless under extreme conditions), but this scares me for them. Buck should have been the bigger man and just kept quiet, but I have friends who believe you “never let anybody get the last word” in conflict….sad.

  3. This is just terrible, I hate to say this but I can see Buck killing himself or her over this ( I really hope that doesn’t happen) the fear and stress in the man’s voice was obvious under all that bravado, he clearly lives a hood life and this shit is not gonna be easy for him to get through especially since he has kids, she better have moved states away and hope this man wasn’t right when he said bullets is about to start flyin, this is tragic

  4. Someone needs to tell these guys to stop fucking around with these trans chicks who are just going to put you on blast after you mess over them. Can’t Young Buck hire what he needs in that arena? If he hurts her, his life is ruined and he’s going to jail.

  5. this reminds me of that boy who was recording hookups with DL dudes and exposing them to their GF’s/people on the internet. And he got shot!!!! and still continued to make the videos LMAO. What do people get out of exposing people like this. No trade is ever gonna wanna fw her now. She put her safety AND his safety at risk over some ego driven bs.

    1. ^many males seem to lack common sense over a nut.
      if she releases sex tapes,
      it’s gonna be a real mess.
      he shouldn’t have responded and let this story die slowly.

  6. woowww…listen messing with DL men can be dangerous. Even when you dont expose them and you decide you dont want to deal with them anymore, they get paranoid. smh don’t mess with dl men then try to expose them out of malice. Folks know beforehand that these men are dl, have wives, children and etc. Catch feelings and expose the men by saying they aren’t shit, but honestly if you knew he had a family and dealt with him anyways then you aint shit neither. Then its like exposing these idiots dont put no money in your pocket. Aint nobody checking for Young Buck, now if she had some tea on Curtis aka 50 then maybe lol. She better be careful because authorities dont give a shit about POC or trans lives.

  7. A whole mess smh, Ms. thing is the prime example of why some trans/gay men are condemned. This Era of outing is repulsive. I’m pretty sure this isn’t her first go round with getting played by a DL man. But since he’s somewhat of a public figure, she decided to out him because she got “played” no bitch you played yourself for thinking the love you had for him was going to be reciprocated. ALL these DL men operate the same. Never think you too bomb, or yo shit is that good to keep from getting played. You complain about being treated like a object, but you’ve been a little secret bouncing from hotel to hotel for a year. What did you think you were? LMFAO

  8. That Back up Conversation should never have Happened! I sometimes feel sorry for these Guys that want their Bu$$y they put themselves in these situations.. Human Sexuality is amazing. I have been shocked many a time when someone I least expected has come on to me! I got burned on the first one so I run like a bat out of hell.

  9. I don’t see this ending well. Someone is bound to get hurt, whether by someone else’s hands or hurting themselves.

  10. Family. I am not Trans ,but must state that” There is never a reason to take a life.” ( unless your is about to surely be taken and you have no options) . She’s grown and so is he . Perhaps Buck should have made wiser decisions. Let’s not accept that this is worth her loosing her life over. I understand things like this have happened but lets stick together with our Trans Family and NOT accept this reasoning. Love you all for real( smile)

  11. When I lived in Seattle a trans named Misa Pain was making YouTube videos and Facebook post of text and videos as well as recorded conversations of DL men that she was involved with. She had the them shook all summer. Then the videos and post disappeared as did all her profiles.

    She was messing with athletes, the dealers and between. Messiness all around. Fathers, cousins and brothers tried to deny it by the evidence was out there.

    I’m sure they paid her off. Probably didn’t get a lot, but enough for someone willing to be so shitty as to record someone.

  12. I’m late, but I’m legit confused on why some Trans-vixens do messy stuff like this when it’s basically shooting their community in the foot. I’m not even talking from a ‘you shouldn’t force anyone out of the closet’ perspective but from the goal of alot of these Trans-vixens wanting to bag a dude that will get with them with full knowledge that they’re Trans and treat them like a vixen. Who’s gonna want to have a relationship with you, and not on some secure the foxhole and bounce, once everyone see’s you’re willing to blow up the spot on some petty ish? I don’t know, i’ve always had a respect for Trans like i do everybody else but Pose and further research has really put things into perspective for me when it comes to Trans who want a genuine relationship with someone else where everything is laid out on the table.

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