“insecure” made me feel “fresh like” (so did kendrick sampson)

ive been really enjoying these episodes of “insecure”.
you know that’s one of my favorite shows at the moment.
i know some are saying it’s “boring” this season,
but not everything needs to move so fast.
like some of these relationships.
i’m relating heavy with issa’s life at the moment…

i know the feeling of being lost and trying to find my way.
episode “4”,
really touched on that.
issa has been feeling trapped in that dead on job for a while.
can relate.
she is seeing the lack of diversity.
can relate.
when she threw out her old stuff and quit her job…

i felt that in my entire spirit.
you know you over your job when you play hooky to no issues.
fuck the low check.
i just need to not be in “that place”.
we got to know more about nathan too.
watching that episode made me want something like that.
i’m always envious of those who can mutually connect with someone.
no games or nonsense.
they take you out your comfort zone with full hand holding.
dreams yo.
that be so real ‘n’ shit.
it’s even better with a wolf like this:

kendrick sampson is a nice snack.
even though he played a whole “fuck boi” in “how to get away with murder”,
he’s a teenage “wolf next door” dream playing “nathan”.
his bawdy isn’t bad either.

…and he’s a woke wolf too:

i want him and i want him now.
if he got down,
i’d talk to him.
i really wanna to see where issa and him are gonna go tho.
he seems like he’s into her.
can’t wait.
watch “insecure” on hbo every sunday at 1030pm.

lowkey: why are our biracials more woke than others?

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5 thoughts on ““insecure” made me feel “fresh like” (so did kendrick sampson)

  1. Listen…I am in love with Issa. I don’t think I’ve been this googly eyed over a woman. She is dark and so cute . Her character is sooooo adorable but in reality she’s a lil naughty thang.

    I think the guy is cute. Not normally my main eye candy but he’s got something good going for him. Honestly, I generallh just peep insecure because of Issa and the naked guys but I can also see why it’s popular too. Sorry if I sound like a digital e-thot, just keeping it real.

    Now if we could only get a gay black series like this. I don’t want him to be bi, I want him black n gay but I want him to have some sort of tension with a bisexual man…or a good black/latina lesbian series…Hell, I’ll go even further…Give us a trans vixen series like this. You know we are bound to have a show with some fine dudes on there cuz trans only mess with the finest wolves from what I’ve observed so far.

    I’ll allow it!!!

  2. I loved Sunday’s ‘Insecure’ episode; their walk around Leimert Park, the Baldwin Village and Baldwin Hills. That show is so refreshing.

  3. I loved this episode it really showed apart of LA that rarely shown in media in a positive light. Plus that first date was pretty much perfect and goes to show that it does’n take money or flashiness to have a great time with someone you’re feeling. It really brought me back to the time me and my wolf “friend” would ride around listening to neo soul and go places and just have talks, no judgments or or worrying about the outside world, just the two of us connecting. SIGH

    1. ^omg that sounds amazing!
      i like those moment where you end up having fun on accident.
      i might be irresponsible,
      but i’d so what issa did

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