bobby brown was out here living his best life (and ruin others?)

fuckin (literally).
so when i watched “the new edition story”,
i felt there was a nostalgia to it.
it took us through the various stages of their lives.
it flowed nicely.
“the bobby brown story” tho?…

it felt like a jumbled entertaining mess.
i don’t think they had enough budget for bobby’s movie.
bobby brown is the wolf you know you should avoid,
but he keeps you curious as to how he’ll ruin your life.

so i’ve been waiting for this movie since it was announced.
i had hope it would come off like how new edition did.
i didn’t know much about bobby,
besides his scandals,
but biopics tend to show us a different side.
what we do know and things we didn’t.

well the whole movie started off weird to me.
after his grandmother’s funeral,
he witnessed one of his childhood friends getting murdered in-front of him.
tatiana ali did good for her limited screen time.
it quickly transitioned after he was kicked off a new edition tour.
it showed him having to start over,
sell drugs,
be a deadbeat dad,
and find a new manager so he could be a solo act.
my biggest issue is there was really no background into his childhood.
he had loving supportive parents,
so what made him go wild?
it went straight to his debut album and rebranding.
after that,
the movie revealed a lot.
here are a few thoughts i had:

– mehki phifer has gained a lot of wait.
it looked like he was sweating to simply talk

– lax alonso did as well

– from the old pics i had to look up,
babyface and la reid did look like that

– even in a suit,
i can see tank’s healthy arms

– where was the drug use?
bobby brown allegedly was on heavy drugs during his teen years.
he allegedly suffered from a mental illness as well.
that’s one of the alleged reasons why new edition was beefing with him.
this is why “new edition story: bobby” and “bobby brown story: bobby” make no sense

– where was the gumby haircut part?
or was this past this?

– he had way too many kids
did he not know protection?

never mind.
his image was “fuck you stupid” and he did just that.

– that foursome sex scene with those groupies,
while home wolf wrote the lyrics.
graphic af.
he had his pants down to his ankles and everything

– he was banging janet jackson (or was she banging him?)

slamming her up against the wall and the dirty talk >>>>>
he was really into her,
but she was allegedly okay with them being a secret.
he revealed it may have been because he was allegedly dark skinned and married.
i know janet may have been pissed over that raunchy sex scene.
he was literally fuckin’ her brains out (or was she doing that to him?)
bobby was sexy in his younger days tho.
janet hit a whole marriage from the world.
i wouldn’t be shocked if this was true

– didn’t know there was a law that artists couldn’t simulate sex on stage.
wasn’t madonna sexual in her tours?
bobby was arrested in atlanta (of all places) for dry humping everything and everyone

– didn’t know whitney was booed like that,
especially at the “soul train awards” of all things.

i found out black folks didn’t like her because they thought her music was too pop

– whoever played heather locklear looked like katy perry

– bobby was either trying to insinuate robin was in love with whitney or the help.
robin is very loyal because she hasn’t spilled the beans yet.

– in the movie,
the drugs came after whitney.
what’s the truth because i’ve heard other wise…

– alicia was friends with bobby and whitney.
she’s the vixen he’s married to now.

– i don’t know if i like the actress who is playing whitney.

– i don’t know if i like the actor they used to play kevin costner either

– whitney had a miscarriage while filming this scene on “the bodyguard”:

– bobby and whitney were very toxic for each other.
it seemed more about sex with them.

i wonder if that would have still been the case if they didn’t get together?
imagine if he ended up with janet…

i think it’s a movie to watch,
even if you are left scratching your head at the going ons.
i mean everyone is talking about it today.
it’s coming from bobby brown’s side of things.
you don’t know if he “forgot” most of his own fault.
woody mcclain is doing a good job bringing him to life.
from the sex scenes to the cocky attitude

i’m ready for the final installment tonight.
you can live tweet with me on ( x twitter).

What are your thoughts about the movie?

spill tea if you feel the urge.

lowkey: i never listened to a bobby brown record,
but i just listened to “don’t be cruel”.
i’m into it.
chris brown is bobby brown.
that is the heir to that throne.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “bobby brown was out here living his best life (and ruin others?)”

  1. As a Janet superfan, her subplot was the entire reason I initially tuned in. Younger Janet fans seem to be all up in arms and want to crucify Bobby but I have ALWAYS thought it was entirely plausible. I don’t know what Bobby was doing back then as I’ve never been a fan but if he was anything like this portrayal I might’ve been one of his baby mamas, LOL….Bobby initially shared this information in his book a few years back. Also, look at who Janet screwed and who she married.

    They did portray Robin as a jealous wench. I’m a convert to the idea that Whitney may have been bisexual (or fluid), so I will always think there was something between she and Robin that was at the core of the negativity between Ms. Crawford and Mr. Brown. Kudos to Robin, though, for moving on and keeping her mouth shut.

    One final thing, that last GIF has one of Janet’s friends/former dancers Tish. One could ask if there was any connection in her getting that gig….hmmmm.

    I will be tuned in for part 2…….

    1. ^janet was having sex.
      janet likes sex.
      bobby brown fucking her should not be something to gasp about.
      bobby was fine and the dick was available.
      he was infatuated with her.
      the thing i like is she treated bobby the way he needed to be treated.
      she banged him and it was over.
      there was no begging to be taken back.
      she got what she wanted and went about her business.
      he is still obsessed with her and sad to say,
      used whitney as a rebound.
      i don’t even think he liked whitney all that much.
      he liked the idea of her,
      but he was in love with janet.

      the way how he is hinting at robin shows he was jealous of their relationship.
      someone can be not into you fully,
      but still mad because you are happy with someone else.
      they were both toxic and he is showing why.
      i’ll need him to be honest about the drugs tho.

  2. Wait…Jamari…you’ve neva heard ‘Don’t Be Cruel’?….omg, I feel old a/f all of a sudden…lol

    My question is who was the cutie standin’ next to Locklear?

      1. Bobby was the #1 artist in the world in 1989 and Janet was #2 why not? Now we know “Rock Witcha ” was about Janet Jackson and I wonder what song on Rhythm Nation is about Bobby?? she was in the studio recording RN1814 while fucking Bobby

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