do we like a woke kardashian queen?

you read the question right.
do we like a woke kim kardashian?
ever since she ( x got one prisoner released ) a few months ago,
she has been on the move to getting others out.
me too.
“tmz” has the story on the next inmate she’s working on…

Kim Kardashian West has just entered the White House to meet with President Trump Wednesday morning to talk prison reform and also lobby the Prez to free another person who has been sentenced to life in prison for drug-related charges.

We’ve learned Kim flew to DC in the middle of the night from L.A. for the face-to-face.

Kim just pulled up to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. and is getting cleared by security to enter the Oval.

Her cause is prison reform … and she’s also championing the case of Chris Young, who is serving a life sentence in Tennessee for cocaine and marijuana possession. Young, who is now 30, has already served just under 10 years.

Kim was on the ‘Wrongful Conviction’ podcast with Jason Flom and talked about the Young case … saying she had a phone call with Young and promised to work for his freedom.

she told us,
didn’t she?

i’m rather impressed that this is her new “thing”.
she has tremendous amounts of power,
so to infiltrate the white house to use that power for good…
i may just have to allow it.

article cc: tmz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “do we like a woke kardashian queen?”

  1. Kim is doing what her type does: taking credit for someone else’s work. She’s in the bed with Dump. F her and her punk azz wife Kanye.

    1. People dont like her bc she plays to black sympathties. She really doesnt give af. But she cares about the attention. So she gets a two for one deal. Have you never notice she never try that hard with white people? By being a friend to Trump and getting these people release, will get black votes!

  2. Yea, it is for attention. Kim is trying to win people over so bad, but it should not being a celebrity stepping up to get these people released. The system needs to be examined.

  3. Ummm yea but no I feel this is just another “thing” as you put it for her to stay relevant. On the plus side at least it’s something substantial…but I’m still kinda side eyeing because she’s a Kardashian and we pretty much know them for their stunts

    1. Of course it’s a stunt. No matter her intentions, I’m happy for the people she’s helping.

      Makes you wonder how much WE could get done if our Black celebs created positions of security and ownership so they could speak out without being blacklisted.

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