the sad end to shane columbo

this story really depressed me.
it shows you just how unfair life can be,
especially to those who have beaten the odds.
everyone say goodbye to shane colombo.
he had just moved to chicago to pursue his phd.
he was only there for 4 hours and now he’s dead.
this is the story via “the post”

A cancer survivor was killed by a stray bullet in Chicago over the weekend — just hours after arriving in the city to pursue his Ph.D., according to a new report.

Shane Colombo got caught in the crossfire during a fight between two people in the Rogers Park neighborhood around 8:25 p.m. Sunday, ABC News reported.

The 25-year-old’s heartbroken mother, Tonya, told the network that he was running an errand to buy clothes hangers when he was killed.

“I was very concerned about him coming out here, and he was killed within four hours of being in the city, four hours of stepping off that plane,” she said, moments after identifying her son’s body at the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office. “I put him on a plane that morning at 10 a.m. [in California] and I kissed him goodbye, and that was the last time I saw him alive.”

Colombo had just moved to the Windy City to live with his fiancé, Vincent Perez, and was set to attend Northwestern University to pursue his Ph.D. in clinical psychology.

this is his fiance,

i’ll admit i cried over this.
i’m very emotional.
leave me alone.
i cried for his fiance and his mother.
i know the font can’t express how heartbroken they are.

one of my biggest fears is to be struck by a stray bullet.
i try to keep my music low when walking through the hood.
you just never know.
i’m sending a wave of love and light to shane’s loved ones.
i am hurting for them and i don’t even know them personally.
may shane rip.

article cc: chicago tribune

12 thoughts on “the sad end to shane columbo

    1. ^you’re welcome vincent.
      my condolences for your loss.
      this story really shook me and it needed to be shared with my readers.
      may shane rest well.

  1. Makes me sad for his family and fiancee. Also reminds me to be grateful for the important things in life: breath, health, the ability to love, etc…

  2. I was reading this and I started to feel the vibration of sorrow but I had to realign my thoughts.

    It’s all apart of being empathic Jamari. You’re able to use your vibeation powers to hone in on the vibrations of others. Rememeber, light travels faster than sound. Think a lightning strike (eneegy) between people. It may be sad and it’s okay to mourn, we should celebrate his time here on Earth and what he did accomplish though. He’s a survivor of that manmade disease cancer and he even made it far enough to get to a point with what he desired and obtained a person that delighted in him.

    This is also an important lesson to anyone reading this article. It is a reminder to be considerate and not haughty in your current status. Any of us can “go” at any moment we step a foot outside that door or car(or even inside.) no matter how good you look, how much money you make a year or how popular you are. It can happen, often when you least expect it.

    As corny as this may sound, take some time to tell your closest friends and family you love them and wish them a good day, do it for a stranger too, I’d you keep to yourself.

    Side note: I have heard that Chicago can be pretty dangerous. I know a lot of cities are like that…(don’t ever go through the real hood in No..if you value your life you won’t.)

    He was a handsome man.

      1. You’re just extra psychic sensitive. We all are but some of us are a lot more sensitive than others at times and it’s easy for us to pick up on someone’s energy. If you notice, a lot of animals are like this as well. Unlike humans who are distracted with wordly affairs, notice how dogs and even cats can tell when you are happy, sad or upset and even in danger and how most of them can sense a storm is coming before it comes.

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