chris watts had sex with his mistress like how he murdered his wife?

chris watts looks like the type that’d be into some real kinky shit.
i bet he liked a whole cucumber up his tail.
some married males,
like dl males,
throw a different kind of pipe.
you’ll get banged by “cheating” and “undercover” sex.
sometimes it’s better than single ones.
that type of sex can be rough,
and have absolutely no inhibitions.
this is why some males cheat.
i can see why some sides lose their natural born minds.
they got a-dick-ted to that  “i can’t do this with my s/o”.
it tends to be “mind blowing” if the mister(ess) can keep up.
chris watts mistress came forth with details of their torrid sex life.
it was sorta connected with how he murdered his family too.
this is what a foxholer sent me from “the daily mail”

The Colorado man who has been accused of murdering his wife and their two young daughters had a penchant for ‘rough’ and ‘animalistic’ sex claims an alleged mistress.

The woman, whose identity has not been revealed, told Radar Online that she was romantically involved with Chris Watts in May and June of this year after the two met on Tinder.

She said that she was unaware Watts was married or had children, but got the suspicion that she was not the only person he was intimate with during their sex-fueled relationship.

‘He would put his hands on my throat during intercourse. Now that I know who he is, it gives me the chills! I can’t even think about it,’ said the woman.

But nothing about him alarmed me until he tried to choke me. That freaked me out. He had a rape fantasy. He was very kinky.’

She went on to state: ‘When we had sex, it was very animalistic. He just zoned out into a different person. 

‘He wasn’t the kind of guy who would cuddle and watch a movie.’

Watts, 33, would visit the woman near her home, which was 30 miles away from the house he shared with wife Shannan and their daughters in Frederick.

this gives me “american pyscho” vibes.

it must be a real mind fuck to be the side in that situation.
every day you’re wondering

“Would I have been next if he went on a whole murdering spree?”

all the little details were clues into this hyena’s psychosis.
most of his prey didn’t know he was even married.
ima side eye the co worker tho.
they tend to know since work is our second homes.
i can only imagine the mental anguish this can cause.

lowkey: if he was so unhappy,
why didn’t he just leave?
those pictures he posted painted such a “happy family”.
all those lives lost and for what?

article cc: the daily mail

Author: jamari fox

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