so whitney houston ruined bobby brown’s life? (that’s what i got)

the second half of the bobby brown story came on last night.
i had popcorn and rented out the full row on my couch.
my initial thought after it was over…


i can’t even.

so it was really disjointed to me.
i’m type emotional,
but had no tears over whitney or bobbi kristina deaths.
if it was just a regular movie,
whitney’s portrayal would be similar to mo’nique in “precious”.
bobbi kristina was kinda just “there” like she was in real life.
another thing that annoyed me was the time line.
it skipped ahead months and years without no kind of clue.
one minute i’m hearing “sweet thing” by mary j blige (’92),
and the next,
i’m hearing “lost without you” from robin thicke (’06).
not to mention,
after a while,
bobby brown started looking like a stuffed ham.
they couldn’t put a fat suit on woody?
it’s like they gave up and ran the rest of the story into a wall.
they allegedly omited the times he allegedly abused whitney too.

not only that,
this “alicia was my savior” story line was really prominent.
whitney was allegedly the one who “ruined his life/career”,
while alicia swooped in (from her years of stalking) to save the day.
no matter how much they painted her in pretty “racially ambiguous” colors,
she still looked like an idiot to me.
no way am i getting with someone who:

– drove my car drunk and parked it on my hedges
– showed up all types of hours intoxicated trying to open my front door

you gotta be kidding me.
bobby’s sister,
( x leolah brown muhammad )
is dragging bobby over it on “facebook” too:

i will font that bobby lived a life.
he experienced all kinds of loss throughout his journey.
i know what that feels like so i relate with that aspect.
the other stuff came off like pure fan fiction to me.
this doesn’t take away from woody mcclain‘s acting tho.
he makes me feel a new kind of lust.
he did a good job with getting bobby down.
gabrielle dennis “second half” of whitney was better.
even donshea hopkins,
who played “reina” from “power”,
was excellent casting as bobbi kristina.
everything else was a hit or miss with me.
up next: the alleged “jodeci” biopic.

lowkey: i’m so glad they got this ICONIC scene down…

10 thoughts on “so whitney houston ruined bobby brown’s life? (that’s what i got)

  1. The reality of it all is life can be complicated. If we’re going to be honest in the wake of this new-found women’s empowerment movement people were quick to put out and support the narrative that men are trash and that Bobby brown came in and corrupted the sweet angel that was Whitney Houston, and because Whitney was and will probably always be a bigger star than Bobby people were willing to go with it. The truth undoubtedly is that Bobby and Whitney were two people with a lot of issues that came together and worsened their issues with fame and fortune, whose real casualty ended up being Bobbi Kristina Brown

  2. Honestly, I believe this story before any story that her family puts out. Of course there will be embellishments for tv sake. In my opinion, its the ugly truth and it paints NEITHER party in a good light. He was lost kid. Kicked out of a boy band. Sold drugs. Two kids before the age of 19, a womanizer and a magnet for trouble. I love Whitney but I believe she was just as bad as they said she was. Bobbi Kris was sadly just collateral damage of two addicts. If any of you watched her documentary, it confirms alot of what this movie did and that is the fact Bobby was more of an alcoholic than drug addict. It also confirms that after going to prison, he still struggled with drinking but gave up drugs but Whitney didnt want to and that played a MAJOR part in their divorce. The fact that in this sad, twisted tale that he is the one still alive should be the indicator that he wanted to change the course of his life. Its hard for Whitney fans to accept that she did not.

    1. I already knew they were about to drag Whitney’s name from the grave. Bobby couldn’t wait to make a movie after Whitney died. He still can’t do anything without bringing up Whitney.

      Bobby Brown is just a chump. This man built his entire image around being a sexy, bad boy. Then the second he started catching heat he flipped the switch and blamed Whitney? Bobby is just a poor excuse for a man.

      And if anything Whitney not being here anymore shows you who was more invested in their relationship and who was hurt worse.

  3. This seemed like a whole entire mess, but I live for Leolah Brown because she does not mind putting a Bitch in Check. Hopefully she will be able to narrate the real movie on TV-One LoL. I havent seen any of the movies involving Whitney or Bobby and I think I am going to keep this way.

  4. They still running with the Whitney introduced him to drugs bullshit, when the NE story showed that he was already on drugs before Whitney. Whitney introduced him to a lifestyle, unfornately the drugs became heavily involved in it!

    1. ^i heard he was on drugs long before she came along.
      she was already allegedly on drugs from her alleged brother.
      they love to paint a different picture of whitney and bobby.

      1. Right. He was on drugs during his New Edition Era, before he got kicked out. Their relationship and access to money, just made the drug use worse.

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