nicki minaj nearly had to bust out a “spinning star kick” on cardi b

(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Harper’s Bazaar)

the ghetto…
i decided to take a day to myself yesterday.
i wasn’t feeling too good and turned my laptop off.
i guess the universe said:


so i knew it would eventually come to this.
cardi b and nicki minaj would eventually cross paths.
there’s been a lot of subs being thrown by the both of them.
all that was needed was space and opportunity.
well guess what?
it happened.
the harper’s bazaar icons party.
…because they don’t like each other.
from the looks of these videos

i bet the white folks ain’t having us back there no more.
in my head,
she was like this when she saw nicki:

she left the event like this:

a whole knot on her forehead with a missing shoe.
nicki left like this however:

i would act like that too if i didn’t get snatched.
nicki better hope the sister don’t get involved.
she is equally as ghetto and likes to fight too:

cardi addressed the situation on her instagram.
you knew she would:

nicki seems to be playing “the villain” this era.
i’d say she is doing a good job.
i bet she is working on that “victim” act with her team.
you know she is about to play that role next.
let’s hope this adds more numbers to those record sales.
as far as cardi,
she told us already:

lowkey: this is what real “beef” is tho.
kim and foxy must be so proud.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “nicki minaj nearly had to bust out a “spinning star kick” on cardi b”

  1. Cardi is going to fuck around and get the Azealia Banks treatment from the fashion industry. You can be a grade A bitch, but they don’t play that fighting shit at their events. This is the second time Cardi has been involved in a violent altercation at or around a major fashion event. If Cardi really struggled in the past the way she said she did, she should not be doing anything to jeopardize her spot. She had a number one album and two number one Billboard singles, girl put your shoes on and go enjoy the refreshments.

  2. Iono yall. Anybody who has challenged nik.
    Is pretty much silent right now. Everybody thought Remy was gonna be the one…where is she

    1. Honestly.. The women that openly came at Nicki were either washed up or irrelevant in general. Anybody who thought Remy was going to blow up from a diss record is beyond delusional. Remy was washed before that and remember she released SHether the week after her duet album with Joe flopped (sold 11k copies first week). If we didn’t fuck with your music then, we probably won’t fuck with it now after one diss track. Remy’s time was so 12 years ago. She messed it up with that prison stint. So did Kim when she was incarcerated, even though Kim had a solid 10 year run.

      Also Cardi is a fan favourite, mainstream media have her backing and Nicki has had negative press for the past year. If an artist like MJ can be made the villain and turned against (pedo allegations) then its no question if Nicki can. Every major artist has their downfall. Some decline gracefully from their peak positions (Ashanti, Ciara, Mariah Carey etc.) whereas others have public disastrous downfalls. I think Nicki falls in the latter here. I like her but honestly I personally don’t see her spinning this. The GP have washed their hands with her. Those tour ticket sales attest to that.

      Soon she will start losing some of the privileges that popular artists get behind the scenes and that I believe is what will humble her. One day (not any time soon) you will see Nicki performing at a Gay Pride event. Just like many humbled artists who have made homophobic remarks in the past (Lil Kim, Foxy etc.)
      When the GP are done with you its always the gays who are first to embrace artists lol

  3. I keep saying that girl on the left is a problem. They used the stripper to riches, now I have a man and child, I am redeemed story to elevate her, even though musically, she could use more training. She’s the people’s choice but what does that speak of the people? Well, Trump is President so … I suppose everything makes sense in this time period. 👀

    I feel sorry for them. Nikki needs to get like Rhihanna ASAP. All the great artists and actors are dying off, the smart ones are establishing their brand in other places.


  4. Cardi got what she deserves. This is not the streets. She’s at a Harper’s Bazaar fashion event, i.e. not the place to address Nicki. Now she will not be granted access to any show because designers WILL chose Nicki over Cardi. I guarantee.

    The culture created Cardi’s rise to fame. We excused her throwing a show at a dark skinned woman on nation tv and sat back when we found out she called them roaches.

    We excused her when she ordered Offset and friends to jump that overzealous fan.

    We excused her she had two bartenders jumped for having sex with Offset.

    Now the culture is showcasing fake tweets to try to make Cardi seem as though she was justified in acting a ass…. another excuse.

    I’m over her. It’s not cute when you finally see that’s she nothing more than a rat from the Bronx.

  5. Why our peeps always gotta show out at events though?! Leave that shyt in the hood and act civilized for one night, damn, They live up to the quote, you can take the person out of the hood/country, but you can’t take the hood/country out of them. smh

  6. For you to be a “news blog” you always talk mess about Nicki. Cardi isn’t a role model and the fashion industry don’t play that hood 💩. I’m disappointed in you Jamari Fox

    1. J. Fox… you goin’ let this ol’ nappy-headed girl call you out like that? You sittin’ at the head of your own dinner table and actin’ like the waiter!
      LOL JK

      Cardi did us a favor though she didn’t finish the job. Nicki needed a bitch slap. Though I would rather Cardi take it to the studio and release a track to do it.

  7. From what I’m reading now and have been reading for the longest, I’m not sure why we rally behind EITHER of these ladies. The resulting stories/mythology paint Cardi as a classless hood rat and Onika as a “mean girl” that no one in the music industry really likes. I agree with the comment that @thelonelywriter made that “the culture made Cardi’s success”. I would expand it to say “the culture” made both of these “females” (derogatory implication intended). They both need a “bitch slap” and a “timeout” from the game. Also, hopefully the fashion industry swerves them both as there are plenty of deserving, talented women of color to play clotheshorse…

  8. Personally, they expect this from us anyway so I don’t think harpers bazaar is that bent out of shape, not to mention all press is good press this event will go down in history and will now be more known thanks to cardi. All the fake hippies are getting into being real as old Hollywood slowly dies. Mark my words Cardi is the headline everywhere and this will only elevate her. I’ve yet to hear her album as opposed to Nickis but gaining a #1 before the so called queen is a hell of an accomplishment which means she has a strong fan base who will only love her more and love this “realness” she’s gonna do even bigger numbers in the near future and become even more coveted. This is all my opinion though.

  9. if you know a little bit about the BTS of the fashion industry, this is not the worst thing. This won’t have any impact in their relationship with designers or editors. The only thing is that people won’t invite them on the same events anymore and eventually, Nicki could lose in that battle.

    Cardi is a new star, she speaks to a wider audience and from what i’ve been told, she treats people really well on shootings and all. So if on fashion events anyone has to choose between Cardi and Nicki, they would choose Nicki.

    Cardi was the talk of the Tom Ford show and she is a new favorite of Carine Roitfeld. Carine is close friend with a lot of designers. She helped the Kardashian and Nicki enter those circles.

    Nicki is more popular in Europe now but one day, Cardi would go to FW there and the dynamic might change.

    This Queen era is not good for Nicki at all. Cardi is a 25years old woman who is just debuting in the industry. She will get a pass because the celebrity thing is fairly new to her. Nicki on the other hand, between all of her antics has more to loose.

  10. ^ I prefer Nicki’s music but Cardi is more popular in Europe, not Nicki…. I live there and can attest to that. Cardi is global at this point. Nicki is still popular, however Cardi is the most in demand right now. That “I Like It” song and the Maroon 5 single is always on rotation on the radio when I’m in the Uber. Plus I’ve noticed people just gravitate towards her personality in general.

    Also, this won’t affect Cardi in any way. The fashion industry are fake-pretentious sleazy people. You know how much drugs goes on, how many models sleep around with higher ups for jobs etc. What makes you think they care about Cardi squaring up to Nicki?
    Especially since everybody likes Cardi now! This will only elevate her (as somebody said). There is already so much fuckery in that industry. Jeremy Scott’s boyfriend recently uploaded a photo with the caption “Team Cardi”. That should tell you.

    Mario Testino & Bruce Weber were called out for sexual harassment by some male models and yet they still get work. But I bet you those male models don’t. Believe me the fashion industry aren’t exactly people to look up to. I work there so I would know.

    I don’t care for Cardi but the fact that some of you think this will hurt her & elevate Nicki is hilarious. Cardi has already pulled the victim card when she uploaded that post “exposing” Nicki. The consensus is that Cardi’s behaviour was uncouth & trashy but was justified. I’m not saying thats how I feel, but generally thats what I’m seeing all over the internet. Trust me nobody feels bad for Nicki except her stans and some Cardi haters.

    To this day I still can’t fathom how this Cardi girl was propelled to stardom in Rap, but that just says a lot about music today.

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