f0xmail: my job won’t let me get on PREP. help!


I love your blog. I was asking for advice from you and your readers. I just tested negative for HIV and want to go on PREP. My private employer and their healthcare provider will not let me enroll in wellness programs to keep my insurance premiums down because of this.

is this allowed?


first off,
i want to say thank you!
i appreciate the love and support.

i want to font a huge congrats on testing negative.
big kudos to you in wanting to keep yourself safe.

now as far as your question,
when i applied for healthcare at one of my jobs,
they were so strict in what they could (and could not) cover.
it had me wondering why i was even getting on their shit.
so it’s possible,
but not every employer healthcare coverage is the same.
when i googled various articles on your foxmail question,
it said most job wellness programs are fraudulent.
( x check them out here )
this one is a tough one,
so i’ll hand this one over to the “hr foxhole” to answer.

lowkey: what’s the point in having healthcare at work,
if you can’t get coverage for certain things?
i’m confused…

4 thoughts on “f0xmail: my job won’t let me get on PREP. help!

  1. Prep is very dangerous and will probably kill you from the side effects. Truvada is just a weaker form of the super toxic AZT. Look it up, theyre both dna chain terminators.

    Look up House of Numbers – HIV doesn’t even exist.

    Yes this sounds crazy but I looked it up and argued with Harvard PHDs in Virology (many PHDs actually) who could not answer the question;

    “how do we know anything is HIV when the HIV genome in 1992 was discovered as contaminated with HTLV virus”

    In 1992 they discovered the HIV that was ‘discovered’ in 1984 was contaminated with another virus. It is my argument that this was covered up rather than fixed. Why? Because you have probably never heard of this. I would also like to point out that no apology or anything came out after 1992, why? Because they know HIV is a fraud and it makes too much money.

    And none of these Harvard, University of Maryland or other PHDs in Microbiology and Virology can answer the question. Why? Because its fucking true, HIV does not exist. AIDs is caused by catching too many loads in ur hole over a period of time. Use a condom and find a long term partner.

  2. As Random said, you may be one of the few qualified for co-pay assistance. If you cannot get access to assistance, contact a help service like Lambda Legal.

    Some companies discriminate and some just dislike Truvada because of the unethically inflated price. Unfortunately, it’s usually legal. All cases have been rejected so far I believe.

    Welcome to America. HIV is supposedly ‘prevalent’ in black communities but the price for prevention is jacked up, even though it’s cheap to produce. Marijuana is illegal regardless of proven benefits and lack of side effects. White owned businesses had time to accrue resources, giving them a competitive advantage to monopolize their fields. Comcast is everywhere and the FCC has only 10 black owned channels out of 100s.

    Lemme stop ranting 😂

  3. There are hundreds of insurance plans to purchase. Companies usually choose to cheapest for the employer and what they think the employers need. Factors such as age vs composite rate plans deductibles and how much the employer pays vs the employee all go into a companies decision about how many and which plans to offer.

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