nicki minaj nearly had to bust out a “spinning star kick” on cardi b

(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Harper’s Bazaar)

the ghetto…
i decided to take a day to myself yesterday.
i wasn’t feeling too good and turned my laptop off.
i guess the universe said:


so i knew it would eventually come to this.
cardi b and nicki minaj would eventually cross paths.
there’s been a lot of subs being thrown by the both of them.
all that was needed was space and opportunity.
well guess what?
it happened.
the harper’s bazaar icons party.
…because they don’t like each other.
from the looks of these videos

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Kim Kardashian Is Burning Up

37f9dffc00000578-3776166-image-m-53_1473175354699this is what a fashion icon wears in 90+ degree weather.
kim kardashian is doing up for “16 new yawk fashion week.
i see why she has won so many awards for her fashion sense.
check what was under that jean jacket via gc images
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My #NYFW Look Book

IMG_1707so my 2014 #nyfw experience is over today.
it was a good and productive week that i will never forget.
it definitely made me realize what truly makes me happy and alive.
i’ve done it before,
but this year was different than the rest.
maybe because the “gold digga” era has me feeling differently?
or maybe because the plantation has me ready to get the hell on?
either way i came with receipts from some of my days…

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