white folks have lost their minds.
i’m so glad we have cameras on our phones for moments like the following.
black folks have to be careful of karens in the wild.
they can be just as dangerous as the chads.
read up on: emmett till
a foxholer sent me a video that is going viral.
it’s a wild karen that decided to attack a black vixen in a store…

so she ran,
attacked this black woman,
and then acted like she didn’t hit her:



she must have found out her husband was fuckin’ the nanny.
4real doe…
this is the type of crazy you gotta be careful about.
the type of crazy that will do something to you and claim they didn’t.
the gaslighting is real.
i enjoy how everyone is acting like this scene isn’t happening in the background.
would it be this calm if the roles were in reverse?
probably not.
what annoyed me is someone telling her to stay away from the wild karen.


of course,
she is calling the police and using her white tears as her get of “get out of jail free” card:

i’m gonna need the white twink security guard to not act stupid.

why couldn’t they escort the fragile wild karen out the mall for her behavior?
if one of “us” was to act up like that,
they’d use us as a mop and get us up on outta here.

i’m thankful she was smart enough to record everything,
but as you can see at the end of the video,
they still didn’t want to see the footage so she could prove her innocence.
imagine if she didn’t record and got arrested?


that is where they fucked up.
they would rather risk it all for their passive-aggressive racism.
the court of public opinion is about to snatch them bald.
that wild karen is gonna get more than a “panic attack” as this goes viral.
they are gonna snatch her job,
and her little dog too.
i dunno if she has a hubby and a dog.
this could have all been avoided but…


lowkey: remember what happened at the end of the movie,
that whole war started because the wild karen lied about being raped…


  1. Secondly, she needs to add the mall security into her lawsuit because that was entirely too long for Mall Security to show up when a store request help for a situation like that. How is it that, the first Mall Security asked her a question as if they were coming for her and then a second Mall Security officer was protecting Karen while the police is there. The store clearly said this woman was attacked and chased in the store and yet both security and the police treating her like a suspect. She had every right to record because she didn’t feel safe and the woman clearly tried to attack her twice! If Karen didn’t want to be recorded, nobody stopped her from walking out the store. She made a big scene she didn’t want to be another “Karen” and look what happened, now she’s “Mall Karen”.

  2. This country, this is why I don’t celebrate Independence Day because this country does not care about people of color. What got me first is Karen#2 asking her to leave her alone when she clearly seen Karen#1 just rush and try to attack her. We have to learn and teach people the RIGHT thing to say when we ask for the police. She did everything right except to tell the police that she wants to press charges. They have no choice BUT to arrest her at that point. The first video clearly shows Karen assaulting her and that is enough evidence to hold up in court. We have to stop having the mentality of “I don’t want go thru all that” “I don’t want them to lose their job but I want them to leave”. Press charges! When you have clear evidence of an assault, press charges. Karen didn’t hesitate to do it and she changed her whole statement when it wasn’t going her way. They had to take her side because she called and the lady didn’t press charges. Had she press charges on Karen, they would have had no choice but to get her complete full story and use the Manager as a witness. The manager wouldn’t need to appear in court because the video proves everything.

  3. Nothing has changed. This past year of protests and fake white allies was a waste of energy and people rejoice that we got a day off. As someone who grew up at this mall and other near these cops are full of shit, they could have removed that woman at any point and charged her with trespassing. With all the video evidence she was still dismissed and it wasn’t lost on me that the man she wanted to file a complain against the officers was a black cop. YT ppl get to claim mental breakdowns, if she was black they would assume she was on drugs and charged her with disorderly conduct. We need to start pressing charges and hit people in their wallet.

    I will say when sis shared her name it was like the rallying call for black twitter to assemble like the avengers to find this woman’s entire life. They found in under 3 hrs:
    -Previous address, Current Job, Dating profile about her colostomy, chronic constipation and pelvic floor dysfunction, News article about her family living with an mentally disabled son and some other mess. I was like that little boy saying Jesus Christ.

    1. But tell me why when I was reading all the twitter threads I kept getting Popeye Chicken ads…I think that pissed me off more than this incident

    2. ^ 110%

      this video was pretty disturbing and really shows where we stand still.
      they get the privilege to lose their mind and get away with it.
      if it was us,
      it would have not have ended like that.
      those people would not have been so calm while shopping.
      it would have been an entire scene.

      1. And what really reaffirms everything wrong is that when she immediately started talking about a “mental breakdown” everyone tried to dismiss what the sis went through. Yet in the police report she told the cops she was worried about the potential of losing her job. So she KNEW this was a potential outcome and in a split second tried her damnedest for an Academy Award.

        1. ^ THAT IS WHAT BLEW MY TOP!!!
          i hate everything.
          black folks need to realize we still have far ways to go with the wild white jackals and hyenas.

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