you can’t sit at my table because you aren’t as good as me

the popular table.
it’s filled with the fine and the (mildy) fascinating.
they take pride in being “the cool kids” while looking down from their high horses.
they cast shame on those who “can’t sit with us“.
nothing has really changed since high school.
you dare want to sit at this table?
well you gotta have one (if not more) of these things:

Good looks
Fly style
Not be Opps
Social media following

when one of the leaders of this table deems you as worthy,
only then will you be let into their realm.
you’ll join the group chat and hear all the gossip,
along with all their bts fucked up issues.
as someone who has sat at popular tables and hung with cool kids,
i’m here to font..

98% of them ended up being wack af

once you get to really know them,
you’ll see how much is all an act.
like their social media,
everything is filtered and curated for public consumption.
even the ones who sing “i’m real” like jlo are not.
it’s always some (from real-life examples):

Lowkey backstabbing each other
There is a clique within the circle
Someone(s) is jealous of someone else within the circle
Being led by a fool who doesn’t know wtf they’re doing
Fuckin’ up networks over beef with someone outside the circle
Always a paranoid one scared their “business will get out” aka “i don’t want folks to know i hoe”
There is always a hoe that needs to be protected and coddled
A few followers that are sharing a non-functioning brain with the HBIC
Someone ends up fuckin someone’s man or POI

once they all stop being friends is when you hear all the good tea.
so instead of trying to be friends and fit in with those dorks:

Why not create your own table?

it’ll be skimp,
but find your own tribe to build and do cool shit with.

Everyone can take a trip
Everyone can go to a party
Everyone can bar hop
Everyone can get over 100 likes on IG

…but what are you doing that’s different than the rest?
none of that shit is groundbreaking,
but this is where YOU decorate your table and make it your own.
make a table that builds opportunities and everyone gets to eat.
fuck a table; make a village.

i spent most of life trying to sit at cool kids table and i’m here to font that they ain’t all that.
they all ended up being insufferable and exhausting.
since i know their business,
i learned just how basic they are tbh.

no one is doing big shit since they burned bridges and rubbed others the wrong way.
they looked down on those they shoulda been really been inviting in their circles.
i outshined them all and most of them hated it.
a majority ended up being washed up,
drugged out,
aaa meeting attending,
a shit ton of kids,
and all their tables were broken in half.
i ended up finding true happiness at my own table called “the foxhole” and with my own friends.

lowkey: out of all the tables i’ve sat in on,
the males (gay and straight) were just as catty as the vixens,
if not worse.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “you can’t sit at my table because you aren’t as good as me”

  1. That’s why one should never put people on a pedestal because of looks, popularity, and perceived status. They usually don’t live up to the hype. Besides, I feel like I’m the star of my own show, so I can’t imagine being a stan for someone else lol.

    1. ^YESSSSSSSSS!!!

      that last line!!!!
      when you get in a group,
      sometimes you find yourself dumbing yourself down because your leader only wants to be the star.
      if you are the follower type,
      a group is for you.
      if you are your own star,
      you will learn to know these folks but never be locked down into anything.

      the life of an anti hero.

  2. This post just reminded me of how iconic Mean Girls was. So, thank you…I’ma be watching it this weekend when I have the time for nostalgia’s sake.

    Was never the popular kid in school and after seeing what’s become of most of them…all I’ma say is some folks have dimmed down while others have glew’d up since high-school.

    I ain’t jealous no mo’. Got a small group of young, talented, ambitious friends who are doing the damn thing in their respective fields and I know have my back. That’s all I could ever ask for.

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