who is ready to see fuck bois on yet another dating show?

dating shows” these days have the same setup.
it’s a bunch of “beautiful” singles,
who look they were copy/pasted from ig,
hoping to find a match on live tv.
let’s ignore that their dms and texts are bursting with potential admirers.
oh no!
they need to show the world why they are actually single.

hbo max” has a new dating show coming out called…


why would any male want the world to know he is a fuck boi?
and what is so different with those show and love island,
eden hotel,
love on top,
and too hot to handle?

it looks like the same property those other shows are being filmed on too.
i’ll be 100:

I’m only tuning in to see the male meats.

these shows are only for models to get put on.
half of them already have a big following already.
they never come off “real”.

It’s a bunch of sexy folks who are at a massive sleeping over with game nights.

i want to see real shit.
i want to see some “real world” type of shit.
i like when they’re having sex on the low and the drama it creates on these shows.


There was some dating show I saw where they all went to this club,
but wolf and this other chick left early so they could fuck before everyone else came home.
He was messing with some other girl in the house too.
They recording him fuckin’ and the folks heading back from the club.
When he got out the bed,
they showed his dick too.
I can’t remember WHAT dating show it was.
I know the wolf had tatts and he was kinda cute too.

i don’t want to see them humping chairs for confetti.

if you wanna watch “fboy island“,
it premieres on july 29th on hbo max.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “who is ready to see fuck bois on yet another dating show?”

    1. ^probably pg-13 and something cute.

      3 girls trying to look for male.
      nudity and sex would go down if it was a mixture.
      if folks are all mingling with each other in one space,
      someone is down to fuck someone.

      1. I’ll just look out of men.aznude.com before going back with HBO. They need to step up the game back to how S1,S2, S4, S5 of Oz went.

  1. I find it interesting that these casting directors can surprisingly find a ton of black male contestants for a show called Fuckboy Island…

    And the female contestants look like the typical “we’re gonna do the bare minimum to meet the obligatory diversity quota by putting a biracial chick in the (essentially all-white) group.”

    I’ll pass…

  2. Thank god I’m not a woman cause I’d be the f girl. I would’ve fucked half the island by the second night

  3. Pass. All of them broke with no job so they look for these types of shows to make some money. Like Too Hot To Handle. They picked one with a real job and nobody wanted her. All the other women were “models” and none of them had a fucking brain. This is just another low-class Bachelor/Bachelorette show. They got lazy with the title and decided to call it what it really is. Watch me skip over to Sex/Life

  4. I remember an early season of CBS’s Big Brother where a cute muscular black dude was on and almost immediately got with a white chick in like the first week. They would have loud bed and back breaking sex in the HOH bedroom. The late night feeds were nothing but the other houseguests complaining for like three nights about the loud pounding she was getting. You could literally hear it come thru on the live feeds. Of course he was voted out the first chance they got. CBS was not ready.

      1. I think maybe season 13 or 15? This was back when BB was known for casting very few or maybe one person of color per season. Also they were much more strict on what shows up on air. They have always edited out sex and racism unless there is a big enough uproar from the online fans (because they are the only ones watching 24/7 and calling CBS out on the BS). They also rig the show when the contestants go to the diary room to film and what they inform them thru questions. You never see that on the shows that reach the air.

  5. They probably just call Tyler Perry and get a recommendation from his list…lol…Gorgeous but stupid. Lol

  6. HBO need to show full on meat to have my attention…actually I would love to see an American version of naked attraction from hbo. I no shame would prefer to watch that over whatever this will be.

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