he was pretty, made “you can do it!” ig videos, and was allegedly lusting after the kiddies? (christian burton)

when pretty folks or “those who should know better” do dumb shit,
we often forget that they are human.
no matter how many muscles we have,
or make “you can do it!” tweets,
there can be legit monsters living underneath.
christian burton,
a member of the little rock fire department in arkansas,
had the bawdy and the “you can do it!” ig videos:

could end up allegedly doing this

A Little Rock Fire Department employee was arrested and charged with possessing and distributing child pornography.

Little Rock fire told FOX16, 35-year-old Christian Burton was arrested at a fire station last Friday.

According to the FBI his home was also searched by agents.

The fire department says Burton is now on authorized leave without pay.

and he had the nerve to make videos like this:

was this a foreshadow?
i guess this was a case of the right message but the wrong messenger?

foxholers far and wide blew up my box with this story.
from what a foxholer told me:

he was looking at child porn on his work computer.
Dumb ass.
he could have taken a deal for house arrest but he fucked that up.
A bunch of other vile shit he had going on that got him caught up.

play stupid games; win stupid prizes.
this was his alleged boyfriend and he was out here lusting after kids?

i still find these stories shocking tbh.
i will continue to see the best in others,
but i will learn to not ignore the truth that lies in front or behind them either.
can be a jackal or a hyena out here.
stay woke.

lowkey: was he wearing makeup?
was this a filter?
he looks like a cartoon.


article cc: fox16

46 thoughts on “he was pretty, made “you can do it!” ig videos, and was allegedly lusting after the kiddies? (christian burton)

  1. He is still held without bond until August. Probably why is page is still up.

  2. What a mess of a story. I never seen this man before, but you just don’t know nowadays about anyone. It irks me that people are pointing out how fine he is because that’s not the point. He is a certified creep and that’s all it is to it. I hope they lock him under the prison.

  3. Well damn, this a bad look for the gays you know straights love putting us together with them. TBH honest the bodies were banging but the faces were just really not giving. I hope what he was watching wasn’t part of a bigger criminal ring, I am glad he is in jail.

  4. Reading this makes me sad. As someone who is a mandated reporter, seeing anything with children being exploited is horrible. The “Love” they showed from the clip posted came off as more of an act than anything else. I believe in Black Love. I want to embody black love but, seeing ‘that’ represented, this way is just ughhh.

  5. I agree with folks in the comments who say just because you are pretty does not mean you are good person. This is sad to have one’s life thrown in the trash over child pornography. Interestingly, it makes me wonder about his childhood and upbringing. People who are molested as children are more likely to be drawn to this as adults.

  6. Yeah i don’t think that guy was his boyfriend or even gay, but both of them were “sus”…even in one of his captions he said something about them making an onlyfans…chile him and ra were confusing asf especially ra in terms of his sexuality. (he seems bi put tries to portray a more hetero profile) and also how the other guy didn’t seem to like gay attention.

    Ever since he cut his beard he just seemed so creepy to me with that over dramatic smiling he does and i never cared to listen to any of his motivational vids or whatever, but nonetheless, i always noticed how “close” he seemed with his little nephew or whomever and now i’m like “hmmmm”


    I was always bothered by his interaction with his boyfriend. The ” I Love to hate you”, You stinky, stupid Gorillas ” theme ran rampant. He really thought this was funny and entertaining ,but it made me uncomfortable.

    I didn’t like seeing two Gay Black males fighting and tossing derogatory insults around in a casual playful manor!

    Good radiance! ( SMH)

  8. You can sense the fakery in his deliverance.
    Makes you wonder how he lived his childhood.

  9. I just unfollow him today something was telling me that somebody was A pedophile I didn’t listen it was the thing that warning me about

  10. Never ever listen to these so called “influencer” giving advices cuz deep down they live an evil life. First it’s that social psycho Jaxn, then this guy preying on children of all edge child porn, and others like these sociopath.

  11. This is crazy… I always thought he was just another one of the attention seeking gorls online – not a whole pedophile!!

    And yes his mug stayed beat to the gawds with foundation. Skin mattified and sitting even when his body was sweating from a workout. Hairline was drawn in too 😂

  12. “When pretty folks or “those who should know better” do dumb shit,
    we often forget that they are human.”

    Well, that’s what happens when you think good looks automatically makes someone a good person. How they look is based on DNA, and that has nothing to do with the contents of their character. It’s like someone saying you being black automatically makes you a bad person when you had no say in your skin color. Can you be a shit person? Yeah, but that has nothing to do with your skin color. Gay men really need to get over this sick obsessions with looks. It’s so juvenile. And so many of you are too long in the tooth not to know better

  13. I follow him on IG. He is nice to look at. There are times he was kind of obnoxious. Not knowing any of these people personally, I can’t put anything past him. People hide some dark secrets.

    His alleged boyfriend constantly professes his heterosexuality online. Today, he had a very homophobic post, complete with the F word and statements to him only liking women. He demanded all gay men stop following him. He changed his screen name and the post has been deleted. It may have been some “DL” type stuff.

    Either way, if the allegations are true, all involved need a long stint in the joint.

    I am just hearing about this today because based on a post from his “brother’s” page i did a little googling. Then Jamari, the champ, had the story!

      1. It was on his IG story. I don’t see it anymore. May have expired or been flagged.

        But Ray says he ain’t for the gay stuff.

          1. Christian is gay or has alluded to being gay.

            Ray (the gorrilla with the vacuum) say he ain’t gay and if you’re gay don’t follow him.

            Now when they close the IG, I don’t know for sure. Just what I’ve seen posted.

          2. ^wooooooooooow.

            he had no issue play fighting with him on social media like they were about to do a gay wrestling porn.
            it’s funny how his real thoughts and feelings came flying out once christian got arrested.

        1. Ray was with it…but he hates the “lifestyle” and being associated with it. Ray and his oil friend group give off that vibe aside from the sus things they say to each other. Ray most likely stuck his neck out the closet for this relationship, for this to be the outcome? He’s pissed and ebarrased!!! Maybe even a lil shook if he was involved..

          1. ^ i watched some videos of them and i thought they were dating and living together.
            imagine how hard my top blew when the foxhole said they were friends.

  14. This is why “pretty” get away with it for so long. Because they’re attractive we overlook red flags. We look for someone unattractive, cross-eyed and overweight as a pervert. Attractive perverts are able to stay in hiding longer.

    1. I admit… when stories like this are report to persons I find attractive… not just on looks but personality too… I always question why I didn’t see it

    1. ^then why don’t you enlightening me?
      i don’t know much about this besides what i was given.
      since you seem to know more,
      you can send me an email with more details and i can update further.

      thank you!

  15. This lowkey is really shocking….
    He 𝘴𝘦𝘦𝘮𝘦𝘥 to be fairly sane
    (Despite his attention seeking ways and preaching otherwise. )

    I think I hate that this situation pushes the trope that lgbt men are generally undercover pedos though….more than I care who’s attached to the scenario…

    Hopefully justice is served, most likely if the FBI is involved they let you hang yourself way before they show up! So it’s looking grim for him rn

    1. I agree. It lends fire to the prejudice that LGBT and pedophilia are synonymous.

  16. These guys may be butt chasers, but they have great butts themselves. Bubba or whoever the cellmate is will be highly pleased. I hope there’s a Myvidster Debut(t).

    1. So I’m going to be honest, this has to be a mental disability. He has a nice career with benefits most likely, perfect skin, perfect teeth, nice body, boyfriend that actually equals him, and it’s not enough. You know how many gay black men pray for that? Night in night out? Not the superficiality of it all, but the discipline and the stability that comes with being on top of your shit. Why ruin that to be with a child? Or to watch children do it? A child can’t pay a bill, show Id to get into a club or lounge, pay or file taxes, none of that. So why? It’s power and innocence he was trying to recapture. You would have to be mental to abdicate such a lofty personal position. I don’t believe in making excuses for people, but there has to be something mentally unsound about him. He needs real help.

      1. ^i can def see that.

        folks don’t realize their mental illnesses actually fuck up their blessings and hard work.
        we often think we can wing it but it always ends up ruining us.

      2. Ironically, the boxes he checks (body, career, boyfriend) are well within reach for most people if you put the work.

        It’s his allegedly rotten insides that have done him in.

  17. Another one? Just found out about drake bell & one of my favorite wrestlers turns out is one. Like men & women being inappropriate with kids is running too rampant and it feels like we aren’t shaming them or stopping them fast enough.

    SN: that gorilla using a vacuum comment is real odd. I know that’s probably has brand but I am still adjusting to black people comparing themselves to any form of monkey for any reason.

    1. And the actor who played “Corey” on “that’s so raven”… and the dude from Glee…. And the father from seventh heaven …

    2. I agree. hate when black people compare themselves or other black people to primates. It makes me think the person doing it is very ignorant.

      1. Agreed. I hate to hear/see that comparison as well.
        Shyt, I’m self conscious of eating bananas in public! LOL

      2. I agree. Why even buy into some white supremacist sh!t like that and then put it out there for others to seem, especially about your supposed man?

  18. I thought he was attractive but he just seemed lost sometimes on his videos. He would play fight with his boyfriend often on live but it felt like an act like it was rehearsed. Could it have been he was watching porn with underage youth because on Twitter and etc some of these grown ass Men and influencers share gay sex videos and the participants clearly look 18 or younger. Smh I don’t put anything pass no one these days. I pray whether the scenario is, justice is served. Predators come in all packages not just creepy old men in vans

    1. ^ “ould it have been he was watching porn with underage youth because on Twitter and etc some of these grown ass Men and influencers share gay sex videos and the participants clearly look 18 or younger.”

      which is scary because MANY are doing that.

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