accountability | july 12th thru 18th

i was feeling under the weather these last few days.
we back baby and just in time for some accountability


i finally feel some kind of life inside me.
my days feel really different these days and all that i can remember.
i feel this happiness and freedom.
my thoughts aren’t as depressed as they once were.

i’m starting to really love me.
i’m starting to really see me.
that is gonna be dangerous for a lot of people.

i bought myself some clothes.
shopping makes me feel happy.

i spoke my feelings about a situation with two “friends” the other day.
i don’t like the way i’ve been treated like an afterthought.
the days of keeping things inside are no more.
when you have upset me,
i’m calling you tf out.

mario 3d world with friends is everything.

i’m ready to go back to my personal social media,
but i’m ready to shake shit up.
i’m not going back as what people remember.
i’m going back to set shit on fire.


still working on telling a new story in my head.
i’m pulling it together tho.

i feel like all the melatonin and benadryl have finally caught up to my body.
i’ve been feeling so groggy and out of it as of late.

as i read “invisible life”,
i miss my gay best friend who helped teach me everything in this interesting forest.


it’s been a real chill week tbh.
i’ve been keeping it real low and just focusing on myself.
still recovering from that little food poisoning episode as i climb back to grace.
thank you to everyone who continues to support.

Author: jamari fox

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