you can’t sit at my table because you aren’t as good as me

the popular table.
it’s filled with the fine and the (mildy) fascinating.
they take pride in being “the cool kids” while looking down from their high horses.
they cast shame on those who “can’t sit with us“.
nothing has really changed since high school.
you dare want to sit at this table?
well you gotta have one (if not more) of these things:

Good looks
Fly style
Not be Opps
Social media following

when one of the leaders of this table deems you as worthy,
only then will you be let into their realm.
you’ll join the group chat and hear all the gossip,
along with all their bts fucked up issues.
as someone who has sat at popular tables and hung with cool kids,
i’m here to font..

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the un-cool kid

everywhere we go,
from school to a 9-5,
we can never escape:

The Cool Kids

no matter the age,
or orientation,
you know them when you see them.
they get the most dap,
invited to all the events,
have the most social clout,
and everyone is up under them.
did you really think this would end in high school?
you thought wrong

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