you can’t sit at my table because you aren’t as good as me

the popular table.
it’s filled with the fine and the (mildy) fascinating.
they take pride in being “the cool kids” while looking down from their high horses.
they cast shame on those who “can’t sit with us“.
nothing has really changed since high school.
you dare want to sit at this table?
well you gotta have one (if not more) of these things:

Good looks
Fly style
Not be Opps
Social media following

when one of the leaders of this table deems you as worthy,
only then will you be let into their realm.
you’ll join the group chat and hear all the gossip,
along with all their bts fucked up issues.
as someone who has sat at popular tables and hung with cool kids,
i’m here to font..

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gays be fucked up. straights be fucked up. people be fucked up.

sooooooo we might have a conversation today because i’m about to font some real shit.
as much as the straights think they are so different from “gay shit”,
some of them aren’t any different from the gays in their ill-treatment of others.
when i saw how brandon anthony was treating chika in their public kerfuffle,
it was no different than how many straights act when their true feelings come out.
folks said his behavior was due to being a shady la gay but:

Is being a shady asshole really just a “people” thing?

i’ve heard how gross some straight blacks in la are especially in the industry.
anytime you have a ton of people looking for popularity and to be “the star“,
no one really wins except the underdogs.
no cap…

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yakiboy wants you to break him off a slice for the (instagram) culture

go talent!
folks are gonna get creative to show how “liked” they are these days.
since instagram is starting to take away “likes” from posts,
it seems many of us have to get creative to boost engagement.
hossein balapour
yakiboy” aka “@leon68yaki” on instagram,
wanted his followers to get creative with the following picture…

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I Get All The Good Dick Because I’m Popular So “Ha-Ha Bitches”


high school.
a place where the jock is worshiped,
the mean girls rule,
and the nerds are tortured.
funny enough,
social media has brought us right back to our classrooms.
learning life and the lessons that come along with it.
we aren’t passing notes in second period history,
but sending direct messages to people we think are cute.
if you have enough followers,
you have the power.
hell if you have a fat ass you are popular.
we have taken a sad turn.
i often wondered if life is just on big continuation after we graduate?
even in college,
there is still a social caste system we will probably never avoid.
i started to wonder…

Where do you fit in?

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I’ll Tweet That Wolf To Go And Then Friend Him For Life!


1 tweet.
75 re-tweets.
10 favorites.
250 mentions.

Dating has turned into social media spectacle.
The social media spectacle has turned into a hot ass mess.
That hot ass mess is our reality.

Social media has destroyed dating, yet it has advanced our life in many ways.
It allows us to connect with people from the past,
take pictures of our daily lives,
and show our exact “geo” on a map.
But, it has pretty much set us back when it comes to finding a good man.

How many times have you met someone online,
go on a great date with him,
hit it off well,
and come home that night to see him back online?

But, what if all this tweeting and Facebooking has become a convenient mask?
You don’t even need to fuck anymore.
I can Skype your OoVoo in my face.
I started to wonder…

Has social media made it harder to date?

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Click Here To Add As Friend

I’m known to walk alone
But I’m alone for a reason” – Beyonce, Upgrade U

I was on Twitter earlier and I noticed a friend of mine was Mr. Popularity.
I checked out some of his friends and they were all sexy.
He doesn’t live in The Concrete Forest,
I can’t exactly chill with him and see what’s good.
He knows all the “discreet” dudes who run within this lifestyle.
Which probably opens up doors for him to meet new Wolves.
So is that the secret?….
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