I’ll Tweet That Wolf To Go And Then Friend Him For Life!


1 tweet.
75 re-tweets.
10 favorites.
250 mentions.

Dating has turned into social media spectacle.
The social media spectacle has turned into a hot ass mess.
That hot ass mess is our reality.

Social media has destroyed dating, yet it has advanced our life in many ways.
It allows us to connect with people from the past,
take pictures of our daily lives,
and show our exact “geo” on a map.
But, it has pretty much set us back when it comes to finding a good man.

How many times have you met someone online,
go on a great date with him,
hit it off well,
and come home that night to see him back online?

But, what if all this tweeting and Facebooking has become a convenient mask?
You don’t even need to fuck anymore.
I can Skype your OoVoo in my face.
I started to wonder…

Has social media made it harder to date?

It seems like we are attracted to big numbers.
The more hits someone is getting on their page and pictures,
the more appealing we think they are.
The more pictures they have,
the more interest they generate.
The mysterious do not survive in the online world.
The casual tweeter is an outcast.
It is similar to high school.
Are we really giving the Wolf with “50 followers; 1,000 following” the time of day?
Are we really giving the Fox who has 25 friends on Facebook a pass?
Image is everything.
If you aren’t being an attention whore or have some kind of appeal…
then we aren’t interested.
That is, unless you tweet your bank statement or the fact you are on the way to Paris.

Sadly, that only makes for a more insecure breed to live behind these numbers.
I have met so many Wolves with those big numbers who are actually not what I expected.
They were either:

Dripping in insecurity
Not as good looking as the pictures
Boring as hell
BROKE as hell
Couldn’t fuck worth a dime

…. or those great times when it was all of the above.

I started to wonder about social media and dating.
Has this day and age of attention whoring brought the dating stock down?
Do we need to suck someone we are attracted to dick online to get them to notice us?
That means always re-tweeting and mentioning them.
Commenting religiously under their pictures like a bunch of rabid stalkers.
Are those of us who choose to not be in the spotlight,
are we automatically blacklisted?
Am I, Jamari Fox, the ugly kid who sits with the janitor because my twitter friends are low?

Who knew…

So, if your naked ass in a default picture gets the better Wolf,
your exposed dick on your wall gets you some great online head,
and the more you tweet about how good you can fuck
(with your pecs and abs in a photo album)
draws a huge crowd….
Is social media similar to high school?

Are the nerds, insecure, and whores really the ones with the popularity?

19 thoughts on “I’ll Tweet That Wolf To Go And Then Friend Him For Life!

  1. Que :
    Yes, you should peep his other vids. I notice his white buddy always has the camera focused on his ass. Shid I would too lol

    I watched a few of his other videos, he looks good. His workouts are very interesting.

  2. I think that social networking has made brings go back to high school, but I think that if you have the mindset that I graduated highschool and that is over with so just dont do what you did back then, which was conform and be intimidated by peer pressure to be noticed. I only tweet sometimes but Wolves and people are jaded by what they believe they need vs. what they want.

  3. Nothing beats a face-to-face connection. Also there is something to be said about having a little mystery. Every encounter with someone should not become a blog post, a Facebook status, tweet, a text message blast between friends, or go directly into your video or picture archives.

    1. I saw an ass like this once in a park…some fine ass dude doing martial arts…and I couldn’t figure out how such a phat muscle booty could jiggle. It was a sight to behold.

    2. *pauses video*

      This dude knows exactly what he’s doing with those tight ass pants where you can basically measure his dick.

      But yeah anyone can get an ass like that if you do hardcore lowerbody workouts like he’s doing. That shit hurts like hell though.

    3. He’s very stong. I admire him for being able to life so much weight.

      S/N: He’s very attractive, and he has some nice cakes. He better not let me catch him in a shower tho.

      1. Yes, you should peep his other vids. I notice his white buddy always has the camera focused on his ass. Shid I would too lol

    4. You know he made this video private since you posted this. Dudes must have been coming at him HARD! LMAO!

  4. @tajan: I feel you. A good friend of mine is a social media whore (even has Grindr/Jack’d) and I swear every time we go out, he points out at least 3 people who he’s “dated” from some sort of site. It’s sad, but I think Jamari’s right and real dating is dead. I just can’t get with meeting people online. I want to have a conversation, read body language, know if your breath stinks or you have an eye twitch. It’s not to say I haven’t met some decent folk, but there’s always the thought in the back of my mind that someone else in my circle’s probably already had them. Twice.

  5. Hell yeah, I have this convo with someone at least once per week. I give up, Im just not that into Social Media, would rather get to know you. I am on a couple of sites, but its so tired and makes me not really want to even bother. I have met who I thought was some good dudes only to be misled. It makes it so easy to trade in for something else since so many whores are available around the clock. You dont know what no one is doing and it makes it so easy to rack up hundreds of partners before you even realize it. Its not like the old days when you could easily spot whores because they would be with different partners every week, now you never know because everything is done in the middle of the night. I was at a party a couple of weeks ago and I saw this dude that was my homeboy type and I whispered to him to about him to say something to the dude. He cracked my face and told me that he has already hit it and the dude has a boyfriend. Damn I was like all these potential dates are suspect. Im going to some remote place to lock me down something, but Im sure as soon as his ass learns how to use the computer and smartphone he will leave me. LMAO!!!!!!!

  6. It doesn’t matter how popular you are, what matters is one’s capacity to form a genuine and enduring friendship that may, or may not, lead to romance and love. Everything else is merely lust. The sexually promiscuous are over-represented at online sites, bars, clubs, etc., because they are always looking for their next conquest. People who are monogamous eventually find someone and settle down, and so you don’t encounter them as often on the dating scene. The online scene doesn’t enjoy a monopoly on insecure people and whores, because they have always been around since the dawn of time.

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