Black Panther Still Got It’s Paw On Necks

…speaking of “black panther”,
we did it ya’ll.
every last one of us came and showed out.
we STILL showing out.
some are still sold out everywhere.
check how much “black panther” made in it’s second week via cnn
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Make A Wish?



i keep seeing these numbers everywhere the last couple months.
today i glanced at the clock and it was 1212.
on the train,
last friday,
my eyes only kept seeing 111 on the mta map.
i can’t even count the amount of times i’ve seen 1111.
they say those are “angel numbers” and have special meanings.
it might just be simply coincidence.
who knows.
i’ll certainly allow it if it’s clues leading me to my blessings.

The Number’s Game (The Vent Round)

play-the-numbers-gamedon’t fucking tell me i’m not looking for a job hard enough,
“just take anything”,
or time is running out on my life.

bitch, what????
how dare you???
you want numbers because i got a ton of numbers for ya.
i got so much numbers,
they’re steadily flying out my ass.
lets start with (100)….

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I’ll Tweet That Wolf To Go And Then Friend Him For Life!


1 tweet.
75 re-tweets.
10 favorites.
250 mentions.

Dating has turned into social media spectacle.
The social media spectacle has turned into a hot ass mess.
That hot ass mess is our reality.

Social media has destroyed dating, yet it has advanced our life in many ways.
It allows us to connect with people from the past,
take pictures of our daily lives,
and show our exact “geo” on a map.
But, it has pretty much set us back when it comes to finding a good man.

How many times have you met someone online,
go on a great date with him,
hit it off well,
and come home that night to see him back online?

But, what if all this tweeting and Facebooking has become a convenient mask?
You don’t even need to fuck anymore.
I can Skype your OoVoo in my face.
I started to wonder…

Has social media made it harder to date?

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