The Number’s Game (The Vent Round)

play-the-numbers-gamedon’t fucking tell me i’m not looking for a job hard enough,
“just take anything”,
or time is running out on my life.

bitch, what????
how dare you???
you want numbers because i got a ton of numbers for ya.
i got so much numbers,
they’re steadily flying out my ass.
lets start with (100)….

(100+) is the number of administrative jobs ive filled out for.
(20) is the amount of times ive done over my resume.
(17) is the number of jobs i interviewed with this past year.
(10) is the amount of times ive gone to that god forsaken unemployment office.
lets now talk about (5).
the amount that actually called me back.
(4) are the ones who wasted my time.
(1) i actually got “hired” for,
thought i could exhale,
but i’m still waiting on that job to get off hold since before thanksgiving.

lets bring up summo numbers.
(1500) is all my bills combined.
(300) – was what unemployment was giving me.
(200) dollars is the amount of money i have total in my account.
(7.25) is minimum wage at a retail job.
(2) is the number of weeks i would get paid.
(1) is the person who is already struggling to make ends meet.
(0) is the people who are not helping.
add another (0) for the unemployment that was shut off nationally last week.

michelle-obama-newsweekso as you can see,
i’m doing the best i can.
while not having to sell my body or drugs.
these same people who have this opinion would have dropped a while ago.
trust and believe they can’t handle crisis or loss.
they can go sit up at mommy and daddy’s house,
kick their feet up,
and do what they want until something comes along.
jamari is a lone fox in these streets.
surprisingly calm and not giving a fuck because i’m drunk on faith juice.
these same people like to brag about what they bought,
where they going,
or whatever with their money.
thats fine,
but i would appreciate if you not gonna help,
you can mind your fuckin’ business because i don’t need the opinion.
thats what i had to tell someone today.
i think they got the message.

Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “The Number’s Game (The Vent Round)”

  1. I hate when people think they know EVERYTHING but that proves they’re stupid. I reapplied to every jobs that told to me reapply during the holidays and nothing! But here the kicker now the jobs in Maine a lot of people are complaining about their checks because some take out 2 days or 2 weeks paid. A&F still haven’t paid me. I miss being a kid again.

  2. I feel ya bro, I am in the same boat job wise; no job that is,and the money is running out but surprisingly after reading what you went through in 2013 I am not worried it actually gave me faith that its going to be ok and workout in the end. I too dont want to hear about what you got, I got nothing for xmas and couldnt even get close family members any gifts it was a first but I got thru it and lived so Im good. I am tired of all the run around and the false hope on these jobs and the fake smiles and people who want you to be grateful for crumbs. I have been investing my free time in me by going harder at the gym doing research on everything and trying to figure out my next move. May be down but definitely not out.

    1. ^and then they go and cut off unemployment like mofos aint out here struggling.
      they say when you go through shit like this,
      its opening something bigger and better.
      i hold onto that.

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one going through this job search thing. Sometimes I wonder if these employers are just fucking with people. I apply for the job. No callback. No yes or no. I call them. I get the run around. I’m mean, are these mofos hiring or not? Why post a job if you are not going to hire or even interview people and then post it again weeks later. Anyway, I know 2014 has got to bring something better for us all. And Tajan, I feel you on the Christmas thing. I always buy lots of presents. I usually get in the Christmas spirit before Halloween. This Christmas I didn’t even put the damn tree up. It was just depressing.

  4. I’m going through the same thing.The government really want us to riot and start a revolution because I’m tired of this shit.Everybody in America is tired of having no job or having a job and working long hours for little money that barely gets you by.

  5. Damn, I feel sad for all of you. I only have a couple of years of school left, but you all are scaring me already.

  6. Blame the TeapubliKlan party. Its members in Congress refuse to approve an extension of unemployment for he long-term unemployed and they appear to be hostile to poor people. (Let them eat cake!)

  7. Blame illegal immigrants. They have been stealing jobs from African Americans for years, yet the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus and other “civil rights groups” and President Obama want to entrench them in the stolen jobs. Illegals steal jobs in many sectors of the economy–hotels, motels, retail, construction, etc. (See ) If your state or US Senator or Representative is for amnesty, write that person and they can support as follows:

    Here’s immigration reform we can believe in: 1. Make E-Verify mandatory for current and future employees and have the process issue a numbered receipt to show compliance 2. Have enforced penalties of at least $20,000 per employee per day that do not pass E-Verify. 3. Couple that with prompt appeals of those who do not pass. 4. Couple that with the provision that expenses for employees that do not pass E-Verify are not tax-deductable as a business expense. This will turn off the magnet of work and will not lead to deportation costs. The unemployment rate of US citizens and legal immigrants will go down as the illegals go back home by train, plane, automobile, boat or foot! Problem solved!

    If they can’t support that and up US citizens first (by the way, African Americans are disproportionately negatively impacted by illegals), ask them why not. You’ll likely hear a bunch of BS and double-talk.

  8. Damn J I hope something good comes your way soon. Have you ever thought about going back to school? Either full-time or part-time what ever financial aid would pay for?

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