“I Stink So Much That I Make Myself Gag! I Stank Massa!”

DF-02238.CR2…and to think,
i been wanting to ride michal fassbender’s mind out his head.
he played his role so well that now i hate him.
cordelia from american horror story: coven was in it and i hate her right now too.
so i just watched 12 years and a slave and i’m deep inside my feelings…

all i could think was:

“ugh these fuckin’ white people!!!!!”

chiwetel ejiofor as solomon did that.
how he even became a slave was fucked up.
steve mcqueen wanted you feel every whip,
every hurt,
and every cry.
that he did.
it was such a powerful movie,
but it left me feeling broken and with a headache.
at one point,
i threw up i was so disturbed.
it is a must see and will bring yo ass right back to reality quick.
like i said before,
slavery was pure hell.
im thankful i didn’t get to experience that brutality,
even though nowadays,
it’s not as obvious.
these days it’s also coming from our own people,
but thats a whole ‘nother story tho.
has anyone seen it yet?
what were your thoughts?

lowkey: i still cannot stop thinking about patsey,
played by the beautiful lupita nyong’o.

her situation was absolute horror.
i have a question,
and it may sound absolutely stupid,
but were the house niggers “light skinned-ed” blacks?

giphy copydon’t judge me.

for those who want more,
check out the book: amazon.com

Author: jamari fox

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19 thoughts on ““I Stink So Much That I Make Myself Gag! I Stank Massa!””

  1. I have no idea why you guys keep watching these movies.ROOTS wasn’t enough for y’all.I hated sitting through ROOTS and the Color Purple.I don’t plan on watching 12 years or the Butler.I’m done with those types of movies.Now HBO or Showtime plan on making a new ROOTS series.It just never stops.They love re-visiting (what they call)the good ol days.Slaves are the new Vampires.

    1. And this was her FIRST film
      I am reading on film blogs that TYAS wont get the Oscar.Because most Oscar voters are White and over 60 and they may be bothered by the films brutality.Brad Pitt is supposed to fly to LA from Australia(where Angelina is directing a film) to attend multiple screenings.I know the films will get Oscar noms but it may not win.

  2. I think every middle school student should see TYAS .I took my 14 y o cousin and it changed him for the better.This film shows the TRUE brutality of slavery.I am always confused about people talking about they are tired of films on slavery.What films ? Roots was made over 35 years ago,Amistead over 15 years ago.Besides Django there have been only a handful of films where slavery is the main theme.Also TYAS is based on a real former slave autobiography.
    I find it interesting that I rarely hear Jewish people say they are TIRED of hearing about their Holocaust.

    BTW I bought the bootleg DVD so I can stop the film when it gets to be too much.Our ancestors couldnt press pause or stop when it got to be too much.

  3. Half of me wants to see it, but the other half say no. If it wasn’t for Roots I don’t think I would be prejudice against the whites, but I do feel guilty because I know what in the past is in the past and no matter how I look I am still part white except I can’t change my feelings towards them. But I already know I am going to watch it and have to isolated in my home because all my neighbors are white.

    And what you mean about the house slaves?

      1. Yea they did had it easy and they were literally with their family even though they had to work for them while the field slaves’ families were force to split into different plantations and never heard from again, this what pissed me off.

        1. ^they def touched on that situation in TYAS.
          i always wondered if they made a movie where white people were slaves,
          and blacks were in power,
          how would the reception be for that movie?
          would it even see the light of day?

      2. There have been some white slavery by Arabs, Asians, and even some Vikings. But from my research white slaves doesn’t compare to the same suffering to black slavery because they were forced into sex and marriage, unless we are talking about Jewish who were once slaves to the Egyptians, but that’s an iffy because some said it not true because there no record of Jews being slaves.

  4. That movie was just too damn much. The beatings and the verbal abuse was out of control. I will never watch this again.

    1. ^it was based on a true story too man.
      this is what our ancestors went through for us sadly.
      just like the passion of the christ,
      i won’t be watch TYAS again.

  5. I only watched it twice at home on a bootleg DVD.I will probably watch the real DVD just for the extras.They interview Solomon’s descendents including his great grandchildren on the DVD.I also want to hear the actors describing filming the scenes.
    As for the topic of slavery it’s ugly,evil,disgusting,etc
    Those who don’t remember the past are condemned to repeat it.That’s why we must never forget

  6. I have not seen this movie yet, but plan on seeing it or buying the DVD to see it. I know this topic is hard for some, but you have to ask yourself why is this so troubling. These modern movies can not even begin to express what it was really like. People need to know that the DNA in whites have not changed and these movies should remind us all that this mentality and how they feel about us is still in their souls. The effects of slavery still linger in our country nearly 200 years after slavery has ended. All of the current racial problems we face in our country is result of slavery and how whites wrote laws in order to keep the races separate after slavery and to ensure that new forms of slavery were able to be put in place in order that former slaves were still profitable to the US capitalistic system. Don’t fool yourself and not think that Amerikkas prison system is not a new form of slavery especially for Black males. I can not even begin to imagine being torn from your original home land away from the only life you knew and being forced to come to a cold dark land you know nothing about and being abused. I look back and think that my people had to be so strong in order to survive this, I do not thinks white would have survived had the situation been reversed. They tried to make the Indians slave and most died who were held captive. We survived disease, brutal treatment and still built this country. I would hope that we never forget that slavery existed and remember that many of us are lost because we don’t know our history. Most of us have no idea what country in Africa we came from who even our Ancestors are in America, we can only go back about 4 generations at most due to slavery and no one caring about whether we know our history and who we are as a people.

    I am in awe, that even though I do not know you and you do not know me, but as Black people we all have something in common, I have had the opportunity to travel to many places in the United States and it amazes me at the end of the day that we as a people have many of the same traits, attitudes, and feelings about some of the same things. So I know that we must all have some type of special DNA in our blood to bond us and make us very spiritual individuals and that has to go back to Mother Africa. When I see Africans on the other side of the world, we even have things in common with them as well. You have to remember when you hear negative things about us as a people from the dominant culture, if we were so dumb and lazy why would you go a half a world away to steal us to come work for you. Why do you still have to write laws to discriminate against us and hold us down. I am by no means letting my people off the hook for many of the ills that we suffer but most of our ills can be traced back to when we first came to this country in slave ships. I hope that we will never forget and I hope that we would all hold our head up high and honor our ancestors and not be ashamed these stories need to continue to be made and told because this is who we were as a people in this country.

  7. I don’t know why I believed those idiots @MTO.That is Lupita’s BROTHER not her boyfriend.Sorry about that

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